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27 September, 2011

Fashion Emergency: Lust & Must!

You know what we lust for and you know what we dig in instantly whenever there is a good steal!! The bottom line is identify your style and cultivate your taste. You can't possibly show-case your jewelry collection in one ensemble so you might just be selective with your add-on bling bling!! 

Must- Personal style!!

My friend, Pei, who doesn't need much fancy jewelry to upgrade her look nor show off her expensive assets with her outfit. {But that doesn't mean she didn't own or covet more heirloom jewelry.}  I am telling you, she got taste and she got keen eyes of finding deals and hidden treasures. Often I see her, I am impressed with her little-money-find but big style looks. 

Pei's La Garçonne style 
(Ensemble mostly bought from LF store (click it) in San Francisco) 
On her: White tank, grid cut-out cropped top, cropped pants, white loafer with holes and lots of baubles and bracelets!  

Pei's look of Casual Feminine. 

see through roses blouse, black tank, GAP burgundy cardigan, taupe polka dot shorts, Club Monaco Virgo birth stone ring {she is not a virgo, I am... ^O^}, White loafers 

Lust: Everything of Hermes {Seriously, who doesn't!}

I am meticulously attentive to details so I often complicate my ensembles and wear the maximum of the colors that I possibly can pull off on me. { you might as well notice it already.}  I think it is fun and I like Pei's style for the same reason that I barely get bored of her. {hint...hint, minimalist is great when I am bored with my carnival style, for once i'd wear my LBD. ...I am wearing LBD tomorrow to show case my new Hermes CDC.} 

Hermes Lizard Collier De Chien in Mykonos with silver hardware 2011 s/s 


Finally, my small Hermes Collier De Chien collection. 
They are in different leathers, different shades and two different hardwares. I adore those fancy add-ons to jazz up my looks. 

{Balance my lust and the self-control....... currently under meditation. } 
xoxo Rachel 


kaylyn said...

Which color of your CDC collection you like best? Easiest to mix & match?

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Kaylyn:
They are primary colors so they all work great with my wardrobe. (except for white is not primary color but since it is GOLD HW, it actually brings out the quality of my whole look.)
However, I have noticed RED/Croc is the hardest to pull off since the pattern (croc) is so obvious and the red is so loud, when the two combined together, it often wears off the person who carries it. :P As far as my three CDC's versatility, I like white/GOLD and Blue Lizzard/SILVER the most. ... although i have only wore Mykonos once.... but that blue is just so beautiful with silver HW!!
xo Rachel

frances said...

Hi litlstrawberry,

Can I check with you how much is your cdc??

They are very beautiful.


litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Frances:
they are all around $1100-$1250 depends on if it's lizard or croc.
Hope this help!
Happy holiday!

Xo Rachel


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