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17 September, 2011

Red Frenzy!

How Much do You Need RED in your life!? 
Very much, indeed!! Red is classic, red is seductive and most importantly, red brings you good fortune!! Well, at least it works for me. 

Not only I recently repaint our front door in deep wine red (Kelly Moore:Red Ochre), but also found out my dearest friend, Isabel, an all-time red lover had similar red bar stools in her kitchen. Like she said, we have similar taste but we interpret it differently!! 

My front door

Isabel's lovely cottage kitchen

Not a dog carrier Alaia red tote 11'
{yes, I have been annoyingly asked by people if I had carried a puppy inside my red tote}


(Made in Korea) nude/pink bat-sleeves bottom-up, Marni pink cropped pants, Alaia laser-cut red tote, Missoni For Target zigzag flats 

I am currently in the coma of red and Missoni for Target collection.

They are the best Missoni For Target's little models!! 
{Never tell my son, Niel, that his vest is borrowed from girl's collection, Please~~} ^O^

Find your red and good luck. 
xoxo Rachel 

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