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24 September, 2011

Newest Fashion Elements!!

Didn't I say as long as there are fashion elements seen in your outfit, you are the most fashion-forward fashionista. It doesn't have to be the most notable brands or the hottest runway items, a pair of past season boots from Europe or a pair of Anthropologie sweatpants could make your outfit ROAR~~~ 

Emporio Armani 11' F/W
It seems we are going to look like we are on our way to riding all the time!! {Try tuck in your loose fit pants, but not fitted leggings inside your tall boots for the hottest look tis' fall!! ^O^}

My Outfit Du Jour
I love the extra sophisticated look with the burgundy red hat and the little polka dots mixed with stripes scarf on me!!! {Both Emporio Armani}

Yu wore her Emporio runway add-on sleeves on her summer dress, instantly, the whole outfit now validates her past-season look into a perfect new fall ensemble. {LOVE IT~]
{Shoes, Givenchy past season.  The strap didn't properly buckled and you can see the complete look from my previous post.}

Nay, I don't need this t. babaton Waston camel cape 11' s/s today. The weather is perfect in the SF city. 

This boots has suede elastic calf part and leather toe part in one and you know what, the lace-up doesn't go all the way which save a heck of time when putting them on with zipper by the side. 
Similar boots found (here),(here)(here) and (here)!

$68 cobalt pleated asymmetrical one-shoulder blouse, $48 Anthropologie geometrical print sweatpants, $239 Strategia leather/suede boots, J Crew studs earring, Momo's March full sunbeam bracelet, Proenza Schouler PS1 yellow clutch, (t. barbaton cape, not shown here)

See, if you pick it right, you can rock a pair of PJ/loungers in trend and who knows you spend so little money for this up-to-date look.

Find your most comfortable loungers!
xoxo Rachel  


Chocolate, Cookies & Candies said...

Rachel, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm far from sexy but the funny thing is I'm often amazed how you managed to look like a model after having 3 kids!!!

litlstrawberry said...

ha, Lily, exercise and keep the state of my mind young and hip are the keys to look young and truly stay "fit"! ^O^ You look like a model yourself too, dear!!
xo Rachel


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