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01 September, 2011

Deluxe Fur!

Isabel and I were reevaluating the habit of our luxury spending, and we both agree that coats and bags are the most noble things to invest each season. {For me, including shoes though.}  

While I browse back this 2008/2009 Marni runway lookbook the other day, I can't stop gasping out "Gorgeous" and much impressed with the beautifully dyed fur coats.  They are the most luxury things to pat on or even better - wear on!!




This Vince piece is the one I like the most so far after browsing through uncountable fur coats online and pouring by tons of runway looks. I love the dimensional light beige, camel, brown and a hint of white fur mixed evenly throughout the whole body. The cropped sleeves perfectly balance its big voluminous and drapery collar which didn't make me associate the look with wicked fashion diva Cruella de vil!!!!  {Yeah, I suppose it is good, right?}

Vince Coyote cropped fur coat.

Drooling all over my desk ~~ ^O^
xoxo Rachel 

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