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26 December, 2010

Not Valentino 3D Roses!!

We family had a quiet Christmas Eve this year.  Instead of partying, I cooked simple dishes for my family and kids watched "Polar Express" at home. 

Next day on Christmas, before we know it, kids already woke up and opened their Christmas gifts cheerfully. ^^ Well, I think my kids learned that anticipation brings them good joy!! I must say that I love Christmas spirit!! 


Yum yum, Dim Sum !
Aren't little girls looking adorable in holiday dresses!!

That's DH who escorts Irene and her little son ~~ ^O^

Me in last year Giorgio Armani LTD lip color.

It rained dog and cat yesterday so we took kids to bowling instead of feeding reindeer in SF zoo. 

Basically, those bowling balls are way too heavy for kids at this young age and they had to toss the bowls on the floor and let it row very slowly toward those pins! Kids love the game and finally my son had the reality idea of what bowling game is..... on the opposite of those games on Wii!! ^O^

I know, ....... the rain...
.....but I still decided to wear my Chanel 10A tweed tall boots w/ fur out yesterday!! 


Ilona doesn't want to leave Pottery Barn Kids thus cried sadly here ~~

I bought couple more birthday gifts for my gal friends....(geez, sounds like I have been buying gifts non-stopping... lol)!! Then, I found this interesting American Apparel 3D roses cropped jumper.   



1. Top:
American Apparel 3D mesh roses jumper in black
2. Bottom:
Valentino for GAP cargo pants
3. Shoes:
Anne Valeria Hash taupe oxford 
4. Accessory:
Chanel 08' metallic navy stripped reissue 227


One last party to go before 2011!!
See you later~
xoxo Rachel


Ym said...

I fall in love with the Chanel bags after spending so much time on your blog everyday & think it would be nice if I buy one for myself.I was browsing on the internet for item & price information but still can't decide what I want.
Classic flaps look gorgeous especially the chains with leather intervene but I assume you don't like them much.
From your experience,is there difference in prices depending on country?
Is US cheapest for all brands?
You have any idea price for classic flaps?
Any advice for me on buying a chanel bag?
Thanks Rachel.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Ym, first of all, thanks for spending so much time reading my blog. But again, hopefully you also gain something/insight about life, not just in spending part. haha...

I do like Classic flap and I have at least couple. (yeah, like 2 or 3) I like reissue for their chic and happen to be the right color for me when I want them. ^^

In my experience, Europe is the cheapest place to shop for Chanel, Hermes....everything made in Europe. The average is about $800 to $1000 cheaper per bag. That's about 15%OFF from US official price + add 9.25% tax. But I think buying in USA is pretty fair.

The classic flap is about $3800 to$4000 ( they increase couple bucks from $3500 and $3800) from medium/large to Jumbo. They now have MAXI size which is even bigger than Jumbo which is gigantic to me. :P As for the reissue (MM lock which looks rectangle and doesn't have that CC logo) is always priced couple more hundred than classic flap. Reissue (2.55 style) flap is from size 226, 227, (225 is very rare), and they are about $3800 or $4000.

The price is insane I know. But it is really worth to get ONE you love and keep it for like 5 or 10 years..... by then, you can sell them or leave them to your kids. haha.... Well, I always think those talk are rubbish. but well, if we want to spend, why not find something that we can sell for good price after even being USED>>>> Right!!?

Have a good day!! Again, don't go crazy on spending on those flaps!! They are a show-off anyway. :P


Ym said...

Thanks so much for your reply,it's very informative to me especially where to buy them.At first,I thought I would buy them from Singapore or BKK which is nearest to my country.
So 226,227 meant for sizes.I didn't know that too.
Medium or large would be a good size for me as small seems too small & wouldn't hold much.
Any idea if I can get a Chanel with $2000 & what kind?( from official stores)


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