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16 December, 2010


Never thought the winter shadow could be so vivid and slender ~~
no bundle up if I don't have to!! ^^

hum.... I need to take a closer photo to show you Oscar de la Renta earrings.... 
they are huge and they are my ideal statement earrings supposed to be.

You know what's so great about living in west coast/California per se?
You can mix n' match all the clothes altogether all year round.... 
(Oh, no, I don't think I ever wear fur during summer just yet, that's for sure!!! lol.)


1. Top:
Y-3 Charcoal quarter-sleeves turtle-neck
Lace blouse (bought at Anthro. )
et Vous rabbit fur vest (bought at Pairs 08')

2. Bottom:
Marni gabardine trousers 10' winter edition

3. Accessory:
Oscar de la Renta sapphire earrings
sapphire floral ring
Hermes ostrich belt w/ golden textured buckle
Ivory no-finger gloves w/ studs (you can buy them at
Chanel 10' Rouge/orange 226 caviar reissue 

4. shose:
Christian Louboutin Bianca burgundy kid 140

That's a silly smile of me!~

I think I should find something in Vegas for my dearest darling~~ 
I shipped Christmas gifts to my parents back in Taipei and they told me that they are so happy to open those gifts!! ^^ (That made my day too!!)  
How about you, did you find something special for your loved one already?
xoxo Rachel


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Rachel! I REALLY love how you wear fur, lace and knits here all together!! Just LOVE it! Perfect outfit! Hope the good weather lasts for you so that you could wear somethign this gorgeous more often :)

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Julia.

I know, the weather is so nice here...until we went to Las Vegas. ^^

Ym said...

Rachel,that's the look I totally love but it's unfortunate that I can't wear it here in the tropics.Do you always wear heels on daily basis?I too love them but wearing them everyday is quite a challenge for me.Any advice?

litlstrawberry said...

Again, Ym, I don't wear heels in Taipei as often as I am in USA. We drive everywhere here but not in Asia. That's one of the reason. No, I wouldn't say wear them as daily basis as most of the time I'd switch to flip flops or sneakers. REmember, all the celebrities you saw on the mag. are fabulous but you just didn't see when the time they take off the heels and walk in their flip flops/or fringed booties, .. or some sluggish shoes. They change their outfit constantly in a day including their shoes.

I do wear my heels if not daily, might be every other day...but I take them off when I went home for couple hours between running errands, between picking up kids from school...... then I'd take pictures of myself when I am wearing heels...or any shoes best suit my style/outfit. So please don't get mislead. :P You know, a lot of us have another pair of shoes either in the car or in the bag to change as often as we needed a break for our feet!!

Another advice, always stretch your toes like the way you do your toe nail polish and that will protect your feet, muscle, ankle and let you wear heels when you are even 80 years old. haha.... ^^


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