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15 December, 2010

Ready For Las Vegas Trip....a DIY before I go!!

I found Oscar de la Renta earrings at their website. I was so anxious to see it in person that I decided to pay overnight shipping. I am quite satisfied w/ its' statement look which not only it is exactly as what I had expected and even better, it also matches my J Crew-find green glass cuff perfectly!! 

My friend, Isabel, laughed when she heard that I want to match Oscar de la Renta w/ my J Crew bangle. Well, yeah, but why not, we always mix high and low.... stuff like that as long as the results are looking fabulous! 

Again, ouch*~ it is not very cheap. If someone told me that they can find similar earrings at a flea market, I'd say, go for it!! ^O^


Oscar de la Renta 24-karat gold-plated green glass and sapphire drop earrings. 
(lower left) J Crew green glass cuff on distressed golden metal. 

This will be the outfit for our girls' first night dining at Guy Savoy!!

I love the super fitted look of this dress from Aqua.  I saved it for special occasions like our girls Vegas trip this coming Sat.

I love all Victoria Beckham's sheath/LBD designs but feel a bit intimating w/ its crazy price. Now I have to share w/ you those Aqua dresses based in London/British. Their dresses are  super sexy, and also a practical alternative to be wore to any occasion, may it be a wedding or a prom. Besides, they are relatively cheap.... mine is only Euro 50!!!
Check their site and I am sure you will love it!!!

I also love this one.... on sale for Euro 40!

Onto another Vegas outfit!
Don't you just love those vivid glass beads and vintage green ones?!

Remember Sonia Rykiel pour HM~ 
Yu reminds me of mine - hot pink dresses! You know Vegas is the perfect place to wear something fun and fancy!! :)

Chanel tweed/fur tall boots are on sale now and I am glad that I did price adjustment for them. Yeah~

I am bringing them to Vegas this time...(hopefully there is not much rain) and before I go, I did a fun DIY at home yesterday just to keep this boots company. ^O^
I love everything w/ waist details....such as peplum, and this one, tuxedo look of a tail!

 On me: Max Co. nude blouse, Wilfred floral cami. underneath, J Crew mustard green cardi. All saints smoke brocade leather jacket/tailcoat, Helmut Lang suede burgundy skinny pants, Chanel 11' cruise matte gold CC brooch w/ pearls embellishment, Chanel 10A brown tweed tall boots w/ fur. 

**NOTE: I just found that we have All Saints boutique in union square at San Francisco last Sat. haha.... I went all the way to London to buy this leather jacket! However, it is sold Euro 450 in London whilst we sell for $790. After plus the tax, and refund the tax in London, I bought it cheaper for $200 or so in London....not so bad!!

It has been a while since the last time I used my sewing machine. It does come in handy whenever I had a small DIY project in mind.

I made a double sides hand-warmer!! This way, you can have your hands free all the time w/o the hassles of putting on and taking your gloves off.

I adore this brown furry side to go w/ my Chanel brown tweed boots!!

Gotta a plan for Christmas?
Have fun no matter what!
xoxo Rachel 


Charles said...

so darned cute! I love your DIY :)
have a great trip!!

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Charles, thanks.

You probably can find those hand-warmer in stores and they are just so adorable ...feels like a pet when holding in between hands. haha...

Mona P said...

I think the cuff goes well with the earrings.

Good thing you were able to get price adjustment on your boots.

Have a great time in Vegas!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Mona.

Now I am feeling excited to go Vegas .... guess I recovered my home-sickness from our Europe trip already. ^O^

Are you going somewhere this holidays?


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