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13 December, 2010

As Usual!!

As usual, we always stop by Pottery Barn Kids when there is one in the mall!! Couple of my kids' rooms are almost like Pottery Barn Kids' model room already! Well, I love, we all love their fancy decoration, pretty bed and bedding all stuff and children enjoyed playing in their stores very much. ^^


As usual, I'd wear my dress as my TOP or blouse whenever I need a fresh look!

Top: Romeo and Julia Couture pink chiffon dress, French connection high waist pencil skirt, Valentino For GAP ruffle jacket (belt is taken from its cargo pants), ivory knitting gloves bought at Therapy, Chanel 10A maroon tote, Alexander Wang combat boots in black suede.

My hands......grrr... funny gestures... ^O^

As usual, I have to do my volunteer job every Monday at Niel's school. And another usual thing is every month I have to read a book n' think about an activity that the students in my son's class can participate while exercising what had been told in the book. I am not doing it alone, I am glad that I have a partner, another parent's help w/ this.
I enjoyed those monthly books very much and they are all very inspiring. Best of all, I can keep myself updated at what's happening at their generation and at school. 

This month's topic, "Say something" whenever there is a bully or a tease happening in your sight. Don't just stand there or be a bystander!....... BE A Up-stander!!!

Best Children book "Say  Something":
"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito"!!  

As usual, my good neighbor, Denise, brought over her home-made Christmas treats as well as store-bought goodies this evening.  Well, I am actually surprised for her kind gesture. Even though this is sort of a tradition in America,  who doesn't love a free treats especially those are costume made for us!


The last usual thing is doing my online shopping this morning!
I had my eyes on this runway pair of Oscar de la Renta's 24-karat gold-plated green glass and sapphire drop earrings since last Friday. The moment I found it is sold out on Net-a-porter that I know I had to track it down somewhere~~  

Normally, whenever SA says: " It is the LAST ONE, I won't take the bait". But if I see something I love has been "SOLD OUT", I'd lose my mind until I find it!! ^O^

I was thinking, I had fun w/ statement necklaces, what's next?!! 
A statement earrings! 
Let's see how it turns out on me~~ 

What's the most usual thing that you enjoy it very much other than shopping?
Have a good evening!
xoxo Rachel


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hey R, the earrings are not sold out on net-a-porter Europe/UK site....maybe only on US site. But it's a pair of clip earrings....might be painful. U ok with clip ons? Anyway, good luck with your search!

I volunteer as a librarian at Mason's school as's indeed a good way to be involved in all sorts of school activities.

Haha.....aside from shopping..i love watching the TV series. I'm now super hooked with GLEE. Gosh I love that tall hot quarterback FINN there! I always dream about him...hahahahahhaha! I guess the show reminds me of my highschool & college days where I'm in the drama club and choir. Love the stage!

Have a great week!


litlstrawberry said...

THanks, Mia. I want it so badly that I can't seem to wait nor paying more for shipping overseas. :P

Well, the first test-drive of that clip earrings is not so bad but gotta wait till I am back from the trip to see how does it holding up..or me tolerant for hours of dining. haha..ha...

I saw glee on the airplane and like it a lot too. However, I still like Twilight better. ^^

Have a good day!



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