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02 December, 2010

A Corner for a New Movie.

DH works all sort of web application!! One of the project is movie-related which is more interested to me. His boss, Keyur Patel, or I should say boss' wife is very into movies. No matter it is producing a movie, a documentary or any movie related to "humanity" would draw her attention. You can even submit your own movie on her website and join the film festival year round. 

Or, if you are simply interested in watching short, independent movies, here is the website:

I find a lot of the movies on the website very touching, or sometimes might be annoying or disturbing but I'd say: "Human being, that's all"!! Those movies make us re-think our world or even us!! Hopefully, through those tiny background voices aka real world reality movies, we could change ourselves, the society, or the world little by little!! 

Here is an exciting new movie: The Warrior's way which will be released on Dec. 3rd.  

One of my fave. actress: Kate Bosworth leads the movie and Asia actor, Ti Lung (狄龍),Jang Dong Gun Korea idol whom resembles another Hong Kong actor, 鄭伊健 to me!
Co-executive Producer: Keyur Patel!

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