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01 December, 2010

Gift Giver!!

I certainly can't slow down myself and mind the house especially during this holiday season. I am out and about shopping for ornaments, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts.....and simply get inspired by everything on the street!

I also certainly am inspired by Londoners and Italians' style while traveling. "Fun" is the element in their most ensemble and I notice almost everyone, man or woman, wears scarf. In my opinion, the right scarf is an instant STYLE-UP-DO!! 

For me, it is easier to spot a real Londoner.  While in Italy, it is hard. I do have the chance to snap photos when I saw a good ensemble worn by pretty woman or man, but .... you know...... &^%$##@**..... it would take me a lot of time just to ASK then explain WHY!
*sigh*...maybe I should learn "May I take a photo of you and your pretty outfit for my blog?" in Italy before our next Europe trip!! lol.

I was on London tour bus and snap this photo. I found this cute pompom scarf very fun and look all so match with this woman's contrast stitching trench coat and her gray cap!!

I promised one of my fellow blogger/reader, Erica, that I'd give her my special gift from my trip. Then, there are also so many other gifts to prepare, matters of style, taste, budget, ... all have to take into account. I think I still have time~~~~ 

A great gift? What do you think? 
Lotta Djossou, Paris
(Swedish designers, established in Tokyo company)

Mouse ballerina necklace (Paris)

Then here is me dressing all up while doing my gift shopping. People asked me "What's the occasion?" "Are you attending a party?"

Why? This is just my look for today!!...I answered.

I found this golden wide leg, kind like scallop shape 70' pants in a vintage shop in Rome. The owner liked this pants very much and he asked me to send him a photo if I had an outfit for the pants. I am glad that I dug out something in my closet to match up w. this pants for a start. I think I am going to do couple looks w/ this pants and send photos to him once I gathered them all. So maybe you will see my photos in Rome while you traveled there in the future. ^O^

Boho style, Victorian or my style!

You can tell that I love this Zara top for its versatility that I couldn't think of a reason to give it away. 

Zara top, vintage Escada knitting cardigan, 70' Golden wide leg pants w/ scallop trim, vintage 05' Gap big brim hat, Max Co. black leather belt w/ flower applique, Louis Vuitton 06' runway clutch, Chanel 11' Cruise pearl brooch, Alaia golden lace up sandals.

The pants looks like a skirt from afar. 

I switched light gold brooch w/ my friend as she wants this 11' cruise pewter/dark silver brooch.  
Now I found out everything is so coordinated brooch, gold pants, and gold sandals. ^O^

Cathy and I are all so hungry after shopping around..... we decided to dig in a nasty hot dog~ ha~

What's in your wishlist?
xoxo Rachel


susanh98 said...

You look lovely :). May I ask is that picture with the ring and bracelet yours? If so, what color nail polish is that? It's so gorgeous!!!

litlstrawberry said...

ha, thanks Susan. That look actually is applied two shades on my nails...dark green as the base and sparkles at top. You can pretty much pick any brand of dark green and add whatever big or small sparkles at top to create that look!!

Have fun!!!


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