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03 December, 2010

Mid-calf Boots!

Some people might feel it is intimating to try on Mid-calf boots as it might shorten the legs. Fear not!!

Because you might already owned a pair or two of UGG, or Minnetonka boots. Aren't they the most adorable, fashionable shoes that you just want to hug them on bed?! No, I am just kidding!!

I have a pair of Minnetonka fringe boots which definitely meets my standard of being fun and fashionable criteria every time I wear them. As you see that I take a step further to try on those more mid-calf hugging boots from Rochas! I have booties, over-the-knee high, short or tall boots .. .. all sorts and I am adding their cousin- mid-calf boots into the big family. :) 

So far, I am very satisfied w/ the easiness and comfort when walking in them. Ah, I must walk too much when I were in Italy that suddenly I felt like wearing FLATs which my friend, Yu, thinks that is total unusual in my case!! ^^

This year, we want to do a family photo shoot and I am searching high and low for dresses for my two girls. I want they wear something dressy, something casual and something memorable all in one...hum, does these kind of dresses ever exist? haha...



1. Top:
Wilfred super tight floral cami. (which is great for us skinny upper body gals to upgrade the look of our "cup-size". Lol.)
Michael Kors gray roll neck (scarf neck) sweater
AllSaints brocade leather jacket w/ tail in smoke

2. Bottom:
Helmut lang burgundy suede pants

3. Accessory:
scarf (bought at some market in Paris 2008)
Chanel 10A limited edition Marron tote

4. Shoes:
Rochas pony leopard boots

So what are we waiting for here ~~~

Marni: Washed gabardine trousers
(I bought this Marni trousers from Nordi.  There are couple loose stitches around the hem and since the seamstress is on site, I'd love to have a good customer service to save me some trouble.)

Ilona, save some juice for me~~ ^^

Have a good weekend shopping and try on mid-calf boots!
xoxo Rachel

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