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04 December, 2010

Say I am Lucky Once Again.


M Missoni ruffle front sweater + Valentino For GAP ruffle cargo pants... do I look clownish?
I don't think so!!!

 I fold my Valentino For GAP jacket and Cargo pants nicely and place them on the bench in our master bedroom.  I stared at Valentino For GAP jacket and Cargo pants and *awe* every time I am about to go to bed. I think I am going to wear them again over this weekend!! .....perhaps w/ my Valentino bow platform? ^O^

How Lucky I am that we happened to be in Italy because otherwise I wouldn't want to be bothered by lusting whole 7 pieces capsule collection and couldn't even touch it if I were in USA. I would hate the thoughts of it. (Yes, I also wondered why don't they release VALENTINO For GAP capsule collection in USA but Lanvin only?)
Paired w/ its simple military green, ruffle never looks so powerful and alluring at the same time!

Now a jacket and pants are in my possession and I am so happy. Is that just plain vain or the fact that we are easily be joyous and satisfied by little things encountered in our life if we know we are blessed?!!

What's your most joyous thing happened to you recently?
xoxo Rachel


Mona P said...

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Love your Rochas boots, very fashion forward.

While in NYC, I managed to find a Hermes scarf in the color that is completely sold out in UK and in most US stores.

I checked 2 Hermes boutiques in NYC and they didn't have it either. Then, on my last day, completely by accident I saw this scarf in the color that I want ... in Bergdorf Goodman!

So I do feel very grateful and lucky for being able to find it!

Once again, your Valentino for Gap items are gorgeous!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

litlstrawberry said...

Ah, I love your story of a coincidence finding your Hermes scarf, Mona. I almost can picture you being excited, thrilled, and almost shocked that IT is so NEAR you after long searching and the thoughts of giving it up. haha... I'd picture me encountering such things too.

So, what's the color/theme that you lust for Hermes' scarf?

Thanks for your compliments and hope you have good weekend too.

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Greetings from Manila! Now here in this tropical climate....meeting with Kat and Charm on Tuesday. :D

Hey R, is selling the entire Valentino x GAP collection online and they ship worldwide. But I think the jackets are all sold out already. I bought the other 2 jackets from there online (one like yours and the cropped version), and then one jacket a lovely tPFer helped me buy at Colette when she was in Paris (the long parka style). That's how I scored my 3 jackets and I am soooo happy!!! U know I'm a big fan of ruffles so u can imagine! Hehehehe! I'm so happy too that I scored a pair of FW10 Dior runway booties (my HG) on sale!!!! :D

But topping all of these, my most joyous moment is when Mason say "Mommy I love you". Nothing beats that. :P

Have a great week ahead!


P.S. Enjoy the children parties! Me going to one too the week after next.

litlstrawberry said...

Good for you, Mia. But why do you need 3 of them?

I probably will never be that crazy like you are. ^^ I'd forget about finding it and move on to NEXT NEW THING> :P

Kids are our proud and Family is our destination.... I don't know if someone wants egg or tomatoes me by saying that.. .... terrified~~~ :P


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