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07 December, 2010

One Week Before Girls Outing to Las Vegas -- family time!!

Last weekend we had total 3 birthday parties at PUMP IT UP. I am glad that this year is almost over and I can recharge myself while await another kid's birthday party in January 1, 2011. ~ man ~~ 

Ilona is very strong and outgoing but when it comes to meet total strangers/other older kids at the party, she is still that little girl of mine. ^^

She only goes half way...but impressive enough! 

Little hamster funny face... 


Heidi grows up fast.... she is prettier and prettier day by day. (Mother's proud here!) 

We have a non-stoppable holiday schedule after our Europe trip in December so I haven't had time to put up our Christmas tree just yet. (Now I am not so sure if I even want to bother putting it up.) But we are going to have a quiet Christmas at home for sure after my 3-day-trip w/ girls next weekend. 



This Marni Washed gabardine trousers is a better fit harem/suit pants.  That means your butt won't look like there has been stuffed w/ a diaper if looked from behind and it still keeps the dropped crotch look in front !

People dress up anything at their pleasure, but elegance and decency are main keys when it comes to dress myself up. 

On me:
Wilfred rusty rosy pink cami. Michael Kors roll neck big knitting sweater, Valentino For GAP ruffle jacket, Marni gabardine trousers, Chanel 11' Cruise brooch, Elfi Altendorfer purple agate necklace,  Kelsie suede wedge, Chanel 10A Maroon tote.

This is the last birthday gift for my gal friend for this year~~

 A set of earrings and necklace.  They would look stunning against black dress or pink dress. (There are black onyx, clear crystals and green crystals...... an inspiration look from Cartier or Chanel w/ only the fraction of their cost!) ^P^

My thumb n' index fingers are applied w/ Deborah lippmann big glitter nail polish w/ different green polish as base. 

The other 3 fingers are applied w/ Burlesque green and multiple glitters.
(Picture source:

OPI multiple color glitter and green base.


All I want to try NOW is the salmon pink glitter (far left) nail polish from set of 3 limited edition celebrity manicurist Deborah lippmann nail polish!

Are you ready for this holiday?  
How about giving yourself some sparkles!
xoxo Rachel 


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

That is a lot of pump it up parties- not sure it I could handle all of them! Great outfit and have fun in Vegas!

LS said...

What a busy and fun-filled weekend you and your family had!
That Valentino for Gap jacket is simply gorgeous.
As for the giveaway, both winners have received the bracelets and told me that they love them. I'm so happy! Thank you for your help!

The necklace for your friend is beautiful, I love the vintage feel it gives off!


litlstrawberry said...

You are so right, Ren. We, almost fainted after two days PUMP-IT-UP. ^^

jessica said...

Hi, I got the chanel bag , thanks for the model no.! Btw just like to check with you , how is your bag holding up . Mine seem to get out of shape after 2 use ! Did u put any base on the bottom and most of the time is your bag heavy ? Thanks and sorry for asking so many questions,

litlstrawberry said...

Ah, yeah~ Jessica, I am glad you found the bag!!

Well, if you mean "drag" look of our Chanel tote..yes, it tends to sag a little when you put big wallet, phone,.... especially me... w/ a gigantic camera. :P

I think w/ its soft leather, it is inclined to sag a little. But I always make sure I put it on the flat surface to help it reshape back. I am not so bothered by the dragging-down look..... is that bothering you? And you also can try to balance the weight between two compartment to ease the deform of the bag. (I guess?)


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