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29 December, 2010

Stepping into 2011!!

I probably can start to lay out my new year's resolution!! ^O^

Each Christmas, no matter what, I'd like to buy a Christmas cake to celebrate w/ family or friends. It doesn't matter if the cake is Bûche de Noël or simply has "Merry Christmas" frosting to represent Christmas. 

This year, I bought a Princess cake which is a true Scandinavian cake w/ custard, raspberry filling. I never had Princess cake before and trust me, it is delicious!!!

Princess Cake (You can change the top Almond flavored skin to be PINK....a great birthday cake for little girls!!)

My dearest friend, Isabel, came visit her family here in bay area. Whilst shopping, she bought this "I-so-wanted-but-couldn't-find-it-anymore" 2010 engraved ornament for me!!!
 Ah, I am so touched that she even remembers it!!! ^O^

What else I have been busying for these holidays except for resting and partying at friend's place?!! 

Hand-made gift bag decorating!! I guess I was really bored at home and I found some scribble, scrabble to jazz up an otherwise too plain gift bag. ^O^ 

You must know OWL is my favorite animals of all kinds and I stick w/ friends well know about it and thus OWL becomes a starting point whenever they need to find a "personalized gift" for me. lol


There, a sweet owl night light gifted from Ann.

Sonia Rykiel knitting doll. 
 Such a signature rainbow pattern from Sonia Rykiel!

Chanel Shanghai collection 10' jacket

I have noticed that I barely wear my London Fog rain boots this year...even it pours these days!! I know, I kind of getting bored w/ the seem-to-be cool and functional rain boots look now. The rain boots look has been overwhelming since last year and wherever we were in Italy, everyone wears plastic rain-boots too!! 

Alternatives? Patent leather!! I dug out my old Christian Dior quilted ankle booties these days whilst there is rain.  I had DH compliments on them and he couldn't even remember that those are OLD 08' pair!!! You know, while I am up to wear the hottest trend to go out each time, DH appreciates most when the times I do wear the most comfortable and easy going look of outfit. ^O^ 

What can I say!!! Most men don't really appreciate HIGH FASHION as much as we women do!!

Max Co. halter denim dress, Falke socks, Dior booties and Chanel Jacket. 

When I am lazy, I put on one-piece dress for a easy but still pull-together look!

I have so many plans for next year 2011 and I am sure you are too!!
Write them down and have a good rest of your holidays!!
xoxo Rachel


janettaylor said...

Ahhh, that CC jacket... :) Lucky lucky U!


Charles said...

aww I Love the owls and the cake. That doll was immediately recognizable Rykiel, how crafty! Hope you have a fab New Year's. xx

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks girls.

That Chanel jacket is definitely my LAST score of year 2011. ^O^

I hope you girls had a new year party plan I need to think of ONE...other than staying home. Well, that might be the only plan... :P


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