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18 March, 2011

Classic, Timeless, Always Chanel!!

Yu and I are gasping Chanel beauties yesterday whole afternoon. We are lucky that we both get the deal of 20% off everything during Bloomingdale's new account event. Who could resist a fabulous deal like that!!?

A reward to moms, ourselves!! ^O^

10A Dark Red (Dark Red/Orange) caviar reisse 226 with distressed SILVER HW and 11P Tomatoes matte reissue 226 with GOLD HW. 

Left (right red) is 11P Chanel matte (tomatoes) red reissue 226 which possibly will be gifted to my mom and (right) Yu's most soft and buttery purple/blue lambskin reissue ever~ I almost see myself trying to fawn over our new babies, pat the leather, and ...... haha~~ silly.

Thursday is my busiest day for I have a lot of duties and I have to make the best use of segmentary time throughout the day. After sacred morning Power Yoga work-out, I almost always out and about on the road after 2:30 PM, driving kids to different classes (imagining 3 kids have their own extra-curricular activities), going back home to clean the house, cook and prep the dishes for dinner, take photos for my blogs if I had an idea and rush out to pick kids again. However, the good thing is all those activities are within 10 to15 mins. in distance that allows me doing them all by my own. (maybe a nanny would be very helpful but people like me, tend to push the boundary and act lazy and tardy while I know I can stretch the time and abuse the purpose of having back-ups. no, no nanny's help for me!) Perhaps we can have a degree for every mom who does an awesome job instead?!!

Sometimes, I would stop by friend's house just to see their new buys and vice versa...oh, no, this is not a duty, this is plain pleasure!!!! ^O^ But it does make our day even rewarding, isn't it!!?


1. Top: 
sheer halter blouse
Nicholas K bomber leather jacket

2. Bottom:
Flared/tulip shape gold pants (Bought in Rome)

3. Accessory:
GAP 06' Vintage felt hat (Bought in Rome)
Elfi Altendofer Africa white turquoise spike loop earrings 
Chloe orange Sally

4. Shoes:
Miu Miu wedge platform in blue calf-skin 

Blue top, blue nail polish, and blue shoes... but I have a very cheeky mood! ^^

Leather jacket will tone down this might be too glamourous for everyday pants!

How do you strut your wide/flared pants/jeans at work, to school, for daily routine?
xoxo Rachel 

PS. The SHOPBOP $100 GC Giveaway ends next MONDAY (3/20)!
So, hurry up, get yourself an entry and have fun!


janettaylor said...

OMG! Those pants are cooool!


Betsy said...

Beautiful purchases! But I have to admit I'm drooling over Yu's choice. What an amazing color! Gorgeous blue and purple-y mix.

I'm surprised you never had a Bloomie's account to begin with! ^_^ Their new account 20% discount is pretty great, esp when you can use it for Chanel.

Mona P said...

Love the hat+blouse+pants combo! Looks very elegant and breezy!

Congrats on the Chanel bags that you girls purchased! Beautiful colors!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Betsy, yeah, I am the one pushing Yu to get that gorgeous purple....except for the fact we have slightly grunge about the too polished chain which seems out of our league!

I have account and we have Yu hubby to open one for us!!! What a great friend and sweet husband!!!!:-)

litlstrawberry said...

Thx, Mona! I really like those big brim hat! They are plain gorgeous and flatter every girl, a style up-do! :)

I should give my mom a red but she just told me that she prefers


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