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19 March, 2011

Layer the Brightest Colors From your Wardrobe!!

You don't have to worry about harmony or not, basically, bright color blocks would work great in any form. The key is to keep them segmented!! Torso, upper arm, lower body-hip, neck,........wear your most luxe. colors like the way of doing a body anatomy!! 

Sound wired?! It really works!! ^O^

pull down sweater...


Or fold up sweater to reveal more skirt... different silhouette would make your bright color look even more fun!!

Vintage teal leather/suede dress, Max & Co. lime green sweater with zipper, London Fog black patent leather boots

The thoughts of death toll would increase up to 10,000 in Japan filled me with dread. We family had contributed small donation toward Japanese people and I am thinking of donating more to help. At least I can do!!

Meanwhile, just read about the news of food contamination by radiative, Milk and Spinach probably should be eliminated from consuming recently. ... I know, it probably is irrelevant since we are buying spinach and Milk from local...but just the thoughts... again,  scares me!

Give your help to Japan!!
xo Rachel 

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