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30 March, 2011

Chanel Maxi 2011 !!!





Chanel Maxi Dress
Chanel pearl necklace as belt
Chanel maroon tote 
HM lace cropped jacket (10')
Missoni lace up Espadrille 

xoxo Rachel 


ronny said...

this is gorgeous!!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Ronny, you are so kind!! Thanks.
Oh, did you enter my giveaway for Perricone's product from last post!!

chocolaine said...

love it!

Julia said...

Rachel, I like the most the first photo. Have you tried photo canvas printing? It would look beautiful.

sanaa London said...

Wow this is gorgeous Rachel, it reminds me of A Vogue spread. What camera do you use? Sanaa x

ceci said...

Lovely! So fresh! Spring is finally here too! =)

Julia said...

these pictures look like straight off from Vogue magazine!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Such and incredibly gorgeous maxi dress!!!!! Perfection!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, girls, don't we just love Chanel....everything from Chanel, period!! ^^

Hum, Julia, photo canvas printing, sounds interesting, maybe I should order some prints^^

Hey, Sanaa, thanks, it actually has nothing to do with my camera, I use retro effect, add strong tone to thoes pictures and there you have a mag. quality/feel look of yourself. ^^

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Ceci, how nice to see you here again!! Are you back from Asia already? How is the trip? Must be fun!! ^^ Yes, and finally the temperature hit 80F here today!!!

ceci said...

Yes we're back from HK/Taipei just a month ago! But we were away (Toronto/Montreal) during March Break again. I guess no more trip for us until Summer...need to relax & slow down a bit haha!!

Actually, I'm planning to go NYC to see the McQueen exhibition @MET end of July with mom & cousin! W/O kids too! So excited although it's almost 4 months away!! =p

Just reading a few of your posts back & realized Chanel is using pins for the Camilla! So nice! So smart!

Sandie said...

Love your dress! It's so long it would make me paranoid about the bottom accidentally touching the ground esp because it's Chanel. But it looks so versatile. Given how you love to change things up, later on, I could see you altering the dress knee length and you could probably make a skirt or scarf with the bottom material. :P Btw, do I have to make a blog to add you or can I just leave a comment for the giveaway? Thanks!

CC said...

You look fabulous! The maxi is gorgeous. :)

Camila Cocker Spaniel Inglés said...

OMG... You are STUNNING with this outfit!


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