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03 March, 2011

Keep it Short or at least Fun-Pattern!!

I finally feel that we are at the same page as 2011 f/w runway show!!  As right now the temperature dropped and I gotta to wear warm coats again. I normally have a strong cold-resistant threshold but better keep up the strong immune system cause' friends around me are having serious flu going on one and another!! ><

I love cropped jackets, pants as well as my ever-growing-so-slow short hair style. I am keeping myself so amused just by going through those outfits I put together!! And I have a very consistent style.....heels, heels, heels, if not, wedges! ^O^


Marni 10A houndstooth shearling cropped/upside-down two-way jacket

I bet you can't even count how many patterns on me here~ ^O^


1. Top:
Humanoid orange long sleeve tee
Marni 10A

2. Bottom:
Lilith cropped tartan shorts w/ big pockets

3. Accessory:
San Diego hat co. lace/striped hat (bought at Whole Food Market)
Lilith no toe dots socks 
Celine cream boogie tote 

4. Shoes:
Kron by KronKron shoes

Beauty tips:
NIA24 sunblock + Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer SPF 20 
Deborah Lippmann gray nail polish
Anna Sui orange blush 
YSL 29 Fuchsia lip stick 
YSL NEW 11' 42 light fuchsia lip gloss

You know, I have a thing buying my hats at whole Foods market...and San Diego hat company makes great design and priced at a reasonable deal!!
Buy local and support local business is the least we can do!! ^^


Patterns can never be outdated, go have fun yourself!!

Are you stocking up basic items for this Spring/Summer yet?!
xoxo Rachel 

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