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16 March, 2011

Timeless Chic!

I lost couple pounds over the weekends...probably just water detention on me is now GONE.  It seems a bit loose on me when wearing this Burberry Prorsum rivet-embellished sheath today. .... Thinking of alternating it or not? 

I love the hot pink lip trend and have been wearing hot pink lip color quite often these days!! 
How about you? Orange or Pink? Pick a side!! ^O^

YSL #11 fuchsia!




Rock a summer sheath!!
xoxo Rachel 


Anh said...

I love the first picture! You're so gorgeous!!!!

susanh98 said...

Hi Rachel;
You look great. I love the hot pink lip color too! and the bright pink blush you had on previous post. Very nice. It really brightens up your face.

susanh98 said...

oh btw, on my entry for the shopbop i was signed on in my hubby's google acct w/out knowing so it showed up as vic LOL. sorry about that.

LS said...

I love how sleek and stylish your hair looks now! I remember how much you wanted to grow it back out after getting it cut, but I think it looks amazing now.
Absolutely adore those sunglasses too :)

Liana said...

that sheath looks great on you, as well as the hot pink lipstick! i really love the shape of your hairstyle too :)

Fashion Bag 411

litlstrawberry said...

Thx, girls!
Anh, I love pink lips on you too!,,

Hey, Susan, I got it! Oh, i love pink and maybe you should giv it a try ! Good luck to you! :-)

Ah, thx, Laura! I guess it will take a while for me to grow my hair back long!!

Thx, Liana!


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