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09 March, 2011

Recap - Valentino Tulle Blouse!

I also bought this $34 lace shorts at "SWAY" in Santa Cruz last weekend. It seems that they have MYSPACE web page currently and just set up their FB account. ^^ The lace on the shorts is very intricate and it probably would look like $$$ with tulle. You know, like the one on Valentino!!


pic. source : Neiman Marcus "Valentino"
(Feather-like volume for this rose shaped tulle blouse and the longer leather trim shorts compliments with each other on this Valentino runway look.)

I love the voluminous tops I layered and when paired with this lace short-shorts, the juxtaposition is now perfect!!


This is my interpretation of tulle/shorts/sheer sexy!! ^^


1. Top:
Prabal Gurung sheer cut-out blouse with feather (10')
American Apparel 3D mesh roses sweater

2. Bottom:
Lace shorts (bought at "SWAY")

3. Accessory:
Chanel 10' Rouge/orange 226 reissue 
Hue patterned nude/hexagon tights

4. Shoes:
Valentino taupe bow platform 09'

Current fave. stuff of mine. 
(Laura Mercier gift set..I adore the scent of coconut scrub, Chantecallie neck cream)

Again, a friendly reminder that I host a $100 SHOPBOP GC giveaway. Please read the post and follow the instruction to get you an entry!! IT'S just that EASY!!! ^^

Have fun on Wed. 
xoxo Rachel


sanaa London said...

Very lovely, can't believe how toned you are..Beautiful and gorgeous as always. Loving Chantecaile products..have you tried the lip gloss yet?

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Sanaa, how are you? Did you get the AllSaint leather jacket after all?

I have tried almost everything from Cathy works for them and I'd have chance to "sample" everything. ^^ I have their lip gloss and lip stick (the one with Pulp effect) and they are nice. I still like YSL lip colors better.

Oh, yeah, I am very addicted to working out... I should said I am freaked out by the effect of aging and gravity. :P haha.....

litlstrawberry said...

oh, Sanaa, could you tell me again the movie that you have been asking me to watch?

Mona P said...

Rachel, if anyone can pull off wearing these shorts, it is definitely you!

Looks great and I must say ... very daring! :)

sanaa London said...

Hi Rachel, yeah I ended up getting the AllSaint Brocade Jacket in Taupe. I love it, I would never have thought of getting it, until I saw you wearing one. I thought it was too serious....thanks for the tips on wearing it, so it looks more fun. I must try YSL lip colors, I love Chantecaille especially their lip potion and lip nourishing salve. It is as good as the Sisley one but without the heavy price tag.You are so lucky to have a friend who works for them...I am envious.

You made me chuckle with the comment of freaking out by the effect of aging and are so real. I always worry about my body too and I have not had children yet. Do you use any firming products, I have been using Rodial body sculpture and Sisley firming serum after my runs and my skins gets firmer and more toned. Not so sure they are worth investing in if you exercise as much as you do, but thought of sharing them with you.

I forgot the title of the film I will check it out again. xox Sanaa

p.s. Rachel, Have you thought of joining Twitter, I think you might enjoy it.

litlstrawberry said...

Thank you,Mona!! It's so sweet of you!!

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Sanaa, yes, I'd keep on applying those firming cream...for me, they are definitely help long term smooth and firmness of your skin and overall look. I would believe your skin gets replenish overtime you put on cream...(of course plus you work out too.)

I also apply things like those firming cream on and off but I do believe eventually you will see the older we get, the more obvious result we should see. NO ugly woman ...only the lazy ones is the words I believe!!!!!!!!


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