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10 March, 2011

Work-Out Regime!!




After giving birth to 3 kids, I work extra hard to get back in shape!!

Don't be lazy, head to the gym and work-out religiously!
xoxo Rachel 


sanaa London said...

Wow, thanks for sharing this Rachel. I am always in wonder of how fit and toned you are..very inspiring and your body is gorgeous. Well worth working out as hard, do you eat anything you want after working out...haha

I love love your work out clothes and those work out shoes are very pretty for the gym. This is one of my favorite posts from you and the other one, was about your skincare routine. thanks Rachel, you are my favorite blogger. best, Sanaa

Sandie said...

Thanks for posting this Rachel! Your lace shorts post really made me wonder about your exercise schedule. You are really toned everywhere.

I mainly run a lot but I have a weak ankle that makes it very easy for me to sprain my foot so I'm looking into more low-impact exercise. I definitely want to look into yoga and zumba. Thanks for sharing your workout schedule! Really makes me want to try out those classes. Thanks again for sharing!

{ L } said...

Wow, you are motivated and it shows. I am inspired.

litlstrawberry said...

thanks, Girls... I wish every woman can look into their best for the time to come...and look young inside-out forever!!

Keep up, everyone!!


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