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How exciting!!!

Don't you think this $100 GC giveaway comes right on time!!? Best of all, the contest is open internationally!!!! The weather is getting warmer or at least more predictable compares to the last couple weeks or months!! "Are you ready to rock this summer's trends yet?!!
(This giveaway is being sponsored by and the GC is provided by )

Under a budget? Don't worry, you have plenty of time to shop with this $100 GC for things that's "on sale at Shopbop"!!

Or, better yet, let the GC as a friendly chip-in that allows you to do more damage without guilt!! ^O^ For instance, I love so much about the current striped look and other than classic black/navy/gray stripes, I am digging in even more fun stripes.... colorful stripes on Shopbop!!
ME ~ in the rainbow-colored stripes tank.
I will show you in my next post...stay tuned!!

Especially love the fun and colorful pieces.
Image taken from Shopbop and Mytheresa

Speaking of new trends, I probably can talk about that for pages ...but I don't want to bore you with fancy editorial here. Shopbop has innumerable styling tips/trendy looks, let's see what my eyes laid on .... prints, stripes, solid ones,..... ah, and leopard prints again!! ^O^ Yes, leopard prints is classic and I think you should grab it whenever you find a good one.  Here is a good one I love from D&G by Dolce and Gabbana!!

Yu in her most wild leopard print pants!(left)
D&G by Dolce & Gabbana Ocelot Elastic Waistband Pants (right)

The prettiest printed dresses from Shoshanna!

D & G solid orange runway dress and separates in red are just plain gorgeous! 
BTW, we are going to Kauai for a vacation during spring break, I think it's time to find a new bathing suit...."bikini", to be frank!!

I also found Shopbop has this pretty striped tide printed bikini from Shoshanna!!(left) And another zig zag Sicily Bikini from Melissa Odabash(right)!! They both are sexy and fun! Please click the links below if you want to see closer looks of them and tell me which look gets your me decide, please, please, please~~ ^^
By now, you probably can't wait to spend your SHOPBOP $100 gift card already!!! ^O^ Here are simple rules that allow you to be eligible for this entry.

1. Please go to any above high-lighted links, look over a piece you like and leave your comments on this post!
2. Tell me which bikini's print you like better!

 I will randomly pick a winner for this SHOPBOP $100 Gift Certificate GIVEAWAY!!! (This ends at 3/20 Mon. mid-night pacific time)

What are you waiting for ... 

^O^ Good luck!!!!
xoxo Rachel


DesignCatalog said…
i think that the bikini on the right side will probably be more flattering for you! :)
lewis said…
the bikini on the right side would look awesome on you
vivian said…
I am loving the D&G orange dress and the red outfit also!!
I think the bikini on the right side is cuter!!
I ADORE Shopbop! The only thign I dislike about them is that they stopped shipping to Russia :( Such a bummer!
Anonymous said…
hi rachel, thanks for sending me the link! the D&G pants looks a bit like pajama pants, maybe it's the cut. but your friend seems to be able to pull it off, i wish i could do the same. if i get the GC i would like to spend it on one of those pretty print dresses. before i forget, the one bikini on the right looks a lot better i think.
Faith J. said…
Hmmm... clicked on the D&G dresses because I love that orange dress! You have to have a toned back for that one, haha! Really, I love those bright reds and oranges.

I like the Zig Zag bikini the best!

Thanks for the chance to win!

-Faith J.
fashionkitten03 (at) hotmail (dot) com
Awesome giveaway R!

I love the leopard print and the orange dresses. I am LOVING orange for spring and summer!!

I also like the striped tide printed bikini from Shoshanna and I think that would look amaze-balls on you :P

I love this giveaway thank youuuu!
Vic said…
Wow this is awesome! I like the style of Shoshana especially the dress in the center. And the bikini I like the Melissa (right one) very pretty.
I checked the whole line and she has a lot of cute things! Time to buy a new bikini and cover up :)

How is your vacation planning coming along? Are you taking kids to Taiwan this year?
I'm taking mine this summer again. Not looking forward to the heat! hahahaha.
Claud said…
Hi Rachel,

Nice giveaway, thanks for hosting.
I do like Shoshanna Seersucker Bikini Top. I really love the vibrant blue color.
Anh said…
I would love to win this giveaway!!! I prefer the swimsuit on the right!
Betsy C. said…
Awesome giveaway!

I'm a fan of bikini on the right too, not only for looks but also for practical purposes. It seems to hold up a little better especially if you may have to pick up kids once in a while. (^_*)

I'm a fan of Shoshanna dresses, especially the strapless dress. It'll be a fantastic piece for S/S 2011.

LS said…
First off, thanks and congrats on the giveaway!

I absolutely adore the D&G orange dress, it's so feminine and I love the color!
As for the bikini, while I prefer the print on the left, I think the one on the right would be more practical and less wardrobe malfunction -prone. haha.
Yu looks great in her leopard pants, but I'm not in love with the D&G version at Shopbop. I like both bathing suits, but the Melissa Odabash will look great on you.
Kai said…
Hey R! That's so cool-- you have a gift card giveaway! I love the prints and the leopard pants too. My fave bikini print is on the left. Usually I don't like bandeau tops cause they're hard to carry off but I think you could definitely carry it off! Hope you're well!
Katie said…
Well i think that the one of the left side is a lot more unique! I see the pattern on the right ALL the time, so i think you should try the left one :)
Also i would LOVE to own the alice and olivia shirttail tank in the dusty pink, great layering piece!
Joan said…
I love the bright colors that are coming back for the spring!

I think that the D&G dress is absolutely exquisite that is versatile. (Can be worn both alone for the spring, with a white blazer for the evening, or even layered with a blouse underneath when the weather is colder).

The bikini on the right is definitely more sharp and eye-catching, if that is the look that you are aiming for.
Minh said…
Love the orange D&G dress! A perfect vacation dress for cocktails! I would wear this myself!

And I love the zig zag bikini, reminds me of Missoni!
litlstrawberry said…
Ah ha, most of you vote for the zig zag bikini....and yes, it does also remind me of Missoni. ^^

Also, Vic. I am thinking of the same thing...gotta get a cover-up when I have the new bikini. I always think cover-up is an unnecessary since I can use hotel beach towel...but now, I think stylish comes in every detail. haha... did I just sound very lame!!? :P

So, Faith J. do you work-out and do you tone your back as well? ^^ THanks for the entry.

Ah, Betsy, you speak for you me..yes, the straps does seem to hold better when we need to pick up kids... not because of holding our "ball" up front..ahaha.....

Right, Mike, I'd say if the D&G leopard pants has the same elastic ribbon around the ankle like the one on would be perfect!!!!

Sure, Anh, I do wish everyone here get a GC from shopbop... so good luck!!

Hey, Kai, I figured you probably would like the tube style bikini better....cute!!

Thanks, Katie. You are such a classic rocker!! ^^

Yes, Joan, I do want to look amazing in my swimsuit. ... guess other than the zig zag, I should keep looking then!! ^^

Thanks everyone for your entry and please remind to check back for further updates!!

xo Rachel
chocolaine said…
hey Rach, I *heart* the D & G solid orange runway dress, perfect dress for a night out in the breezy summer :) i always love orange!!

and for the swim suit, hands down, the one on the right. i just thought it would look uber sexy on you. the one on the left might make you a bit too athletic. but either way u have a perfect body to kill.

thank you for the GC give away. Good luck everyone!
litlstrawberry said…
hey, chocolaine, great to see you are doing fine!!

yeah, you're right, I'd also think I'd look very "strong" in the tube bikini..haha.. I am looking very athlete enough these days (gotta love working-out to fight the gravity.)!!

Yes, good luck to you too.
sadatay said…
What a great giveaway! Love the D&G orange dress!! I think the bikini on the right is the best out of the two. Rachel - you will look great in that one!
Sandie said…
I really love shoshanna dresses especially with the blue, green, yellow pattern. They look so fun and versatile - perfect summer dresses for a casual outing or throw on a little blazer for a more polished look. The short version would be perfect for your Hawaii trip. :)

While both bikinis are cute, the one of the right would look smashing on you.

Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

Btw, can you post more about your workout regime and diet? I can't believe you have 3 kids!
kris said…
I've been reading your blog for awhile, I love all of your outfits, and you have a great taste for fashion. =)

I love shopbop, my fave online store. I vote for the Shoshanna bathing suit, love the pattern and the bandeau top. I hate tan lines!
Bonnie said…
1. i like the d&g animal print pants!
2. and the zigzag bikini :)
I'm diggin the bikini on the right. for sure. And all of the oranges that are flooding the color palette of Spring is making me happy!
AngelineBK said…
Rachel, I'm trying my luck here:
1. I like all the dresses you posted here. all look so gorgeous! But right now I'm pregnant expected end of this year. So I should find something like this, make me easy to move around and feel comfty!(

2. I think u look great and hot with that zig zag Melissa Odabash Sicily Bikini.

Rachel u have a nice day.
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks for the entries...

Hi, Sandie, thanks for your sweet compliment. I post randomly about my diet and work-out but surely I can do more of it. It takes a lot of effort to keep up and even harder to drag my out-of-shaped mommy friends to work out with me. :P But I believe eventually they will as I am really nosy about those things. (in fact, I think my friends know that one day they have to head to the gym)..... hha...

Hey, Kris, thanks. And good point...those tan lines....

AngelineBK, congratulations. I hope you have a smooth and fast delivery. Ah, the dress on shopbop is really soothing with the moss green color...... calm!! Thanks for your entry and good luck!!
Mummy Moon said…
First of all, my pick goes D & G solid orange runway dress. I love silk chiffon material and the color is so bright, my liking!

For the bikini, I like the striped tide printed bikini more, just love the print.
Cristina said…
i like the melissa obadash bikini on the right better!

love reading your blog! :)
Jacquelyne said…
I absolutely adore your unique style. You are an inspiration for me... when I have kids, to stay fit and fashionable!

I like the vibrant brush strokes of the Shoshanna print!
litlstrawberry said…
Thx, it's very kind of you and I believe you will keep fit and find the time to pamper yourself in the future matter what!!
Anonymous said…
hi! what a generous giveaway! the dresses are so lovely, and i think the bikini on the right looks awesome! :)
Jasmine1485 said…
Ooh, I love the Shoshanna maxi dress, I would wear that everywhere in summer and autumn :)

I prefer the Shoshanna bikini too, very pretty colours and I love the pattern!

Kate1485 at
The Fam said…
Shoshanna would be my pick!

shannoncarman at yahoo dto com
e. said…
i love the bikini on the left, but i'm a sucker for anything colorful in a bandeau! i also like the dress featured in the middle. again--love me some color!

lifeblessons -at-
Jessica said…
Hi Rachel,

I absolutely LOVE the bikini on the left by Shoshanna. Since you are more on the tall person side, I think it would better fit your body shape. The bikini on the right would suit someone with petite size and/or more on girls with busty breast. Since we're Asians (I'm also Asian), I'd stick to the bikini on the left. Hope the bikini would flatter your body and make your husband nosebleed. :)

Anyway thanks for holding the giveaway. Have a nice day!
connie said…
The short Shoshanna dresses are super duper cute! I never think I would like very pattern-y things, but this is definitely wearable!

As for the swim wear, I think I like the one on the left. The bandeau top seems much cuter!

Such a great giveaway post :]
bobo.mommy said…
I think Shoshanna's print and color is more Rachel than the other.

Really love the look MYM coral pleated skirt pair with GZ platform pump. Also, the trend report /spring 2011 on SHOPBOP is amazing.
Looking forward to see you ROCK this season !
Liz said…
Thanks for the giveaway! If I won, I'd get a Marc Jacobs bag, and I much prefer the bikini on the left!

eemoody77 at gmail dot com

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