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19 November, 2010

Rome~~ Part I!

Day 1 in Rome
(Arrived around 5:30 PM local time that we only do a nice dinner to call it a day!)

"PAPBACCUS" Restaurant
36, Via Tosecana (Very close to Westin Excelsior Hotel)




I never had such tasty Balsamic Vinegar which is so dense, tannic sweet, and full of aroma. Also, the black pepper is really "spicy" that DH and I never thought black pepper would be spicy AT ALL considering that both of us are such strong taste in chilly sauce.
The chef said that they bought that balsamic Vinegar at Tuscany which means I can't find it anywhere else here in Rome.... bummer~.....

Onion soup in Rome style w/ tomatoes!

I think this is some kind of couscous (yellow thing) w/ mashed olive, liver, pesto and some white raw fish fillet which is some kind of a fish like seabass (but it is not).

Creamy ice cream w/ wild strawberry..... so sweet and tiny of those wild strawberries. 

Guess we are too hungry when the main courses hit our table that we totally forgot to take pictures of them... :P 
First night dinner...excellent!!

Day 2 in Rome

Piazza di Spagna
Shopping spree for friends only
Piazza Venezia


I guess "SHORTS" looks extra attractive during this time of the year...that almost everyone is staring at ME/my legs. (Piazza di Spagna; La Fontana della Barcaccia)

Shopping and happy street (Via Condotti) ^^

No, I absolutely didn't buy anything for myself....all from my friends requests. 

We took Metro during peak hour (people get off from the work) and we have to squeeze ourselves IN it.
Girls, you own me BIG;..... I ended up buying a new suitcase!!
Look at my grungy face.... :P

( Colosseum = Colosseo)
We are very lucky that the rain in Rome is on and off quickly and sun normally peeks out right after. ^^

Piazza Venezia (Local Italian doesn't like this giant architecture at all!!!!)
However, the landscape in the back is much nicer which is more blended in.

Part II coming up~
See you later.
xoxo Rachel 


James Michael White said...

Lol! I can't believe your friends had THAT many requests. And you already wore the sequined shorts...adorable.

susanh98 said...

Oh my those are some sexy shorts :)
Can you share pics of what you got your friends from Chanel? How lovely of you!
I'm enjoying all your scenic pictures they are so pretty. You and your family are so lucky to be enjoying such a lovely time over there. Have fun!

samantha-evons said...

hi, i have been reading u though TPF for quite awhile, glad u enjoy rome! its one of my fav countries too!


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