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15 November, 2010

In London~~ stay tuned!

Day 1 in the airport to London
mission: TopShop n' find out all the major shopping streets.

Gray/mustard tartan Poncho coat, tweed bermuda pants, black turtle neck, black tights, Kelsie brown lace up wedge, Hobo International messenger bag.

The first day that I already found out all the high end departments stores, Moschino, Chanel, Hermes, Stella McCartney, Max Mara, Burberry (It is omnipresent in every corner of London. ^^)...etc. location.

Topshop beaded short n' Kate Moss for topshop necklace. (NOW under my possess.)

Day 2 in London
Misson: Find out all the landmarks... London eye, Tower bridge, Tower of London, Big Ben, Westminister Abby, House of Parliament, .....


No, it is NOT THAT cold if I can wear SHORTS in London. ^O^

Apple store is even bigger than in California...

BIg Ben!

Tower Bridge.

I want buy something "local" so off I go to Carnaby st. after done today's mission. 
I found "Aqua"!  

Left: ALLSAINTS SPITALFIELDS (Brocade leather tailcoat in SMOKE
Right: Aqua Couture (bodice dress in orange/pink) (My possess)

Some metal necklaces.. Love the free style urban looks. (My possess)

Dinner at close-by restaurant... Cha Cha Moon. 
The taste is not bad at all and all at a very reasonable price. 


This little Alley lies small shops (vintage store) and some nice restaurants.

Anthropologies here in London has quite different merchandise from SF.

I also found this very cool store, AllSaints SpitalFields!!! 
There window displays all kinds of sewing machines that I thought it is a fabric or cloth shop from afar!!

Boots are all so urban slouchy look. 


Nice pieces of baubles. 


Day 3 in London
Mission: British Museum

It is only 7 AM and we walked to find a diner for our English breakfast. 


1. Top:
Isabel Murant pull over
AllSaints SpitalFields smoke brocade tail leather jacket
Marc Jacobs beige coat 

2. Bottom:
Preen leather/polyester pants w/ studs ....(PS, my rear is really chill because it is only polyester at back..^O^)

3. Accessory:
metal necklace w/ pence, Swarovski, feather (bought at Aqua but I need to find the designer's name)
distressed bag
Boss gray scarf
y-3 hat

4. Shoes:
Givenchy 09' boots w/ chain

Kids are all so nosy....they are probably suffered from being bored (waiting for the gallery to be open) and jet do I. 

I really adore the tail of this AllSaints leather jacket.... so much of "Shakespeare looking"!

It is not even 9 AM when we arrived British Museum that I decided to read Fairy story to Niel and Abby whilst we wait for the gallery open at 10 AM. 

You know, we only in the British Museum for hour and half, kids became tired and bored that we decided to ditch out touring! :P

This is then what happened around 2:30 PM that everyone seems to be defeated by jet lag. We went home for an hour nap after lunch.~~ I said, only an hour!! ^O^

Outside the natural history museum. 
We almost walked every corner in London... ^O^

They even have Melissa shoes for children available. 

There are so many different styles of rain boots, flat tall boots and as well as Melissa's rubber shoes. 

We all ride on Ferry Wheel in the evening.... DH and I were so sleepy that we hoped that we can sleep right inside the capsule!! :P


London's night view is amazing!!

Ah... I think I am too tired now...that I should go to bed cause' we'd catch plane for Italy. 
See you.

xoxo Rachel


ceci said...

Enjoy your trip there! Cheers!

janettaylor said...

Lucky U! Have a great trip!


Mona P said...

Great picture, you seem happy! I trust London is treating you well :)

Hope you are having a fantastic time!

Charles said...

that's so exciting, can't wait to hear more! Love the adorable pic :) xx

Julia said...

love reading your family travel journey to Europe. keep going. can't wait to read the next episode!

James Michael White said...

Wow! Looks like you're having a blast. Love those beaded shorts. Fab find Rachel.

LS said...

Looks like you're having LOTS of fun! The AllSaints leather jacket is absolutely to die for!! Looking forward to more pics!


Betsy C. said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast despite jet lag! What troopers! That jacket and dress are great buys and so unique in terms of cut and design. Hope to see more of your scores in Italy soon!

Savvy Gal said...

Now you totally make me want to visit London in Dec..... I just told my girl friends I totally froze my little behind off in London in Jan a few years ago. : )


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