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Day 2 in Firenze.... No Lanvin for HM, but Chanel, My Love!!

Day 2 in Firenze at 10 AM.

FYI : Nop, I didn't buy anything from Lanvin for HM collection. (I know you all probably are disappointed by me. :P)
I went to the HM store in Firenze about 10 AM seeing people waiting for trying out things, I then left!! :P There is no line and people are not mazed of waiting in line neither.


Good luck, Lanvin lovers!

I, then, detoured to Chanel boutique instead. What I want to see is some fur/shearling or even leopard pieces from Lanvin.  But none of those found in his collection for HM. I am kind relieved and a bit disappointed. His leopard Happy tote from 2008 collection is an absolute fab. find for me.  ^^
Shearing n' leopard boots from COMME des GARÇONS.

I had my eyes laid on those beige embellished leggings--Euro 380. @@
I remember I made one myself w/ only ONE embellishment.... it might take another 5 years for me to find all the embellishments first. :P

Lanvin, I can find you when I am back in USA! Now I have other tasks to fulfill!!


This distressed taupe lambskin reissue is cruise 2011 collection.
Brand new in display! (slightly lighter in person)

Ta da~~ see my big smile!!

I sacrifice Lanvin for

This is limited edition from Chanel Act II 2010 marron (more like charcoal brown color to me) w/ gray calfskin handle tote.
Very practical, very spacious, very stylish!! ^^

Slightly more intensive quilted stitches at sides.

Our kids ride Marry-go-around from SF city, Paris, London all the way to Firenze, Italy. haha...

This Chanel 10A tote becomes my another "huge" carry-all collection other than my 08' Rodeo Drive large tote.

Who told me that I shouldn't carry my designer bags when traveling to Italy?
I want to say "THANK YOU, you are so right", just so I can buy me another one w/o thinking of excuses!! lol.

S. Maria del Fiore (Duomo) ~ here we come!!

Ah, before we climb another 462 steps to Cupola (top of the dome) again, let's get some pretty shaped pasta home first.


Those status are pretty scary in the mid-way of the climbing. 
We are about 250 steps away from the Cupola!




Finally, we are at Cupola. 
You know, we climbed 320 steps in Vanticano + 462 steps in Duomo, that's total 782 steps.
A good work-out and great for the Cardio. ^^


Keep shape when travel!! (girls, wait for me coming back to do Yoga, TRX, Zumba,...etc. haha...)

Yes, I carried my gigantic Chanel tote to the top..... NO SWEAT!! ^O^
(Two architects in the background are designers for the dome and the other for the church itself.)

They all climbed up to Cupola ~~ What a complishment!
(ps. Please remember DH's hair style here)

"Spectacular" is the only word for it!

DH stops by a salon and had a hair cut for Euro 24 ~ looking handsome again!! ^O^

After get lost, going around the circles, we are finally back in HM. (to our right and behind) I tried couple heels and dresses that none of them catches me and DH's eyes or taste, we then happily walked back to Hotel!! 

We are probably not going to Vernice this trip, Pisa instead!! 

See you tomorrow. 
xoxo Rachel


isabel said…
Hi Rachel,

Look like you had a blast... I am in love with that taupe/grey distressed Chanel! Your tote looks very smooth and buttery, and utilitarian. Can't wait until you come back to catch up...
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, sis:

You mean the Cruise new collection? It is much lighter than Hermes' etaupe and probably is more "durable-looking" than Birkin etaupe.... you know how dark it is to get tired of looking at it. :P

Yes, I know, that Chanel new tote is very puffy quilted all over ~~ love the size (for you, TOOOOO big!! :P).
So I guess now i have a "brown" bag except I can't understand why it says Marron in the tag. hum...
Mona P said…
Love the color of your Chanel tote, it is gorgeous! Congrats!
New boots also look amazing!

Italy is beautiful, thanks for sharing all the pictures with us!

I am off to NYC with my family for Thanksgiving, will post once I am back!

Happy Thanksgiving, and have a wonderful time in Pisa!
jessica said…
Hi love your chanel tote! Possible to let me know the model code ? Need to check with my local boutique ! Btw can you disclose the price.? Thanks !
R, congrats on your new Chanel bag. BTW, it's not Act III..hahahaha! I went to H&M this afternoon (avoided the crowd yesterday) and nothing was left for the Lanvin collection, except only the silk/taffeta-like long black coat with removable faux fur neckline and huge jewel buttons. I bought it coz it's my size, but I'm thinking if I should return it coz I have too many black coats. LOL!

Anyway, Marron is brown for French. You can usually see the official name of brown color as "Marron" for French designers. Marron claire is light brown, marron fonce is dark brown. They also sometimes use the word "brun" for brown. HTH!

Enjoy the rest of your stay in Italy.


P.S. I'm off to Disneyland tmrw to celebrate my son's 3rd bday..staying at the hotel for 2 days! Yay!
Mother of Style said…
What a beautiful post! I love that you and DH are taking kids to Europe- it's great for kids to see the world instead of having to wait until they are adults (like me).

Great plan regarding the bag: buying a new one in Firenze was your only option, really :)
love love love! Rachel, I always look forward to your posts - you are so sweet and gorgeous and your family is adorable! Wishing you guys a very happy trip and safe travels back. Can't wait for more updates and the purse is divine!!! xoxo
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Jessica:
this is the info. for you. In fact, they don't give out this info. I had to specifically ask them to write it down for me .... which is so different from USA.

10A 49765 Y06816 ( I hope SA wrote it down correctly!!)
The color code is Marron. Euro 2200 good price.

Good luck.
litlstrawberry said…
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. I almost forgot the Thanksgiving in USA since we are in Italy. Now I do wish I have friends over and enjoy a big fat Turkey...(although I hate the cranberry sauce...:P)

I haven't been NYC for over 10 years and hopefully we get to visit there soon too. Have a great time in NYC,btw!!
litlstrawberry said…
Mia: I'd first say, return...return ... and return.. (You won't regret it since you have many black coat I only have one black coat in Tuxedo style, I also tried it on and didn't like the raw edge trim a bit, 3rd, you probably only are going to wear it "TWICE" anyway.) ^^

Thanks for the tutorial of colors. That does make sense now. I know clair and fonce but never thought of marron does have brown color in it. I think it is time to take advanced French lesson for me. ^^

Have a great time in Disney and Wow, can't believe your Mason is 3 years already!!!! Time flies~~~ He will have a great time there for sure!!
litlstrawberry said…
haha..Mother of style: did I hear the complaints? I am the same as you, I go abroad when I was in college which is delayed by my parents. They are conservative in certain way I guess!!

At the opposite of my parents, I'd take my kids travel as far/many countries as I could. I want them to see the world, different people, understand history and the past, current..... my son is 6 years old and he really is amazed how ancient Italy is for their civilization. ^^

We are having a great time in Firenze and you are right, here is the best bet of buying Chanel. Rome is out of stock, and I am not sure about Milano will have any thing left for me or my friends' (requests). ^^
litlstrawberry said…
Ah ha, another Rachel, how are you?

I haven't had chance to thank you for your inspiration of 20 must have items. I wanted to write that for a very long time but never really jog them down...... until... your email. ^^

Have a good Thanksgiving and talk to you soon.
ceci said…
NO LANVIN x H&M, but how about Valentino X Gap & that's exclusively for GAP Italy stores (also selected London & Paris stores) NOV.27 is the launch date, will you still around?
Purse-nality said…
OMG, Rachel... luv luv the Coco Casual Tote! its by far my most fave of the seasonals! been dreaming of it after seeing Serena carry the caramel tan on a GG ep... but, alas, i'm on a chanel ban *pouts*... anyway, i've seen black & caramel, but that marron is indeed most special! grrreat choice!

my in-laws had been at Milano too earlier this month, but somehow, they came back as 'unsatisfied' shoppers. i dunno. probably coz cruise stuff hasn't arrive back then... on the other hand, you guys seem to be havin a ball! yea, lookin fab as always - jetsetting in style! take care!

litlstrawberry said…
hey, purse-nality:
haha.. now I will baby that casual tote even more after I know it has been a super star on GG. haha.. But I'd wait for the DVD coming out to check it out since I am curious about the tan color. I am sure it is def. gorgeous!!

I think I also heard that summer time is the worst for shopping in Italy as a lot of tourists and Chinese people would rave the store..... I guess we are lucky. Cruise collection is not yet all arrive but enough for me to take a preview look! ^^

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