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07 November, 2010

Earthy Tone.....Skate Fun.....Kids Play-date!

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Niel's teacher told me that as far as the social aspect is concerned, Niel needs to have a play-date. I guess she really doesn't have any idea that HOW many play pals that Niel has outside the school circle. He is so blessed in that aspect!!!  

I'd assume Niel probably told his teacher that the reason he missed TWO of his presentation assignments at school is because he has so many extracurricular activities after school.  And on top of that he also WISHES he has more time to play w/ his school-mate. 

Well, Well, Well, kids these days are smart!! Way smarter than our time that they know their responsibility and they also know how to TALK off their duty!! ........ for that, I remind myself to make sure that Niel has to take consequences for not doing his homework and to make sure he knows the school work is No. 1 priority no matter what!!

Today is my daughter, Abby's playdate that we all go to Cal. roller skate for the very first time. For me, it is my first time in USA except for doing ice-skate couple times before. It feels like we are back in 80' when I was at school in that old looking pair of roller skate. ^^ DH and I take the chance that we had a romantic skating date...while kids are watched by other parents. 

Aren't they two the prettiest princesses!!!?

Ilona: I want Daddy!
Rachel: I know... please don't move otherwise I am going to fall... I am scared too! lol.
(I am obviously a rookie in skating that I can only skate forward and that's it!!)


1. Top:
J Crew mustard turtleneck
Ralph Lauren brown leather vest
et Vous rabbit fur vest
Marni 10A cropped shearling coat

2. Bottom:
Max Co. green w/ sheen cropped pants

3. Accessory:
Chanel 2010A Rouge/Orange reissue 226 
Barton Perreria cat eye sunglasses 
No toe socks from Lilith

4. Shoes:
Pierre Hardy brown/green platform Sandal 2010A 

No, we are not dancing or doing hip hop anything ~ (the moment before I hit my butt HARD on the floor!) :(

The reason I wore fur and shearling is because I thought we are going to ice skate....(I never been to this Cal. skate ring place before.)

Look after I shed off fur and shearling...which is more like I living at current temperature! 
(Oh, well, but you know me, I'd wear little during winter and then dress up a lot layers in a sunny day!! haha.....^O^)

Enjoy your rest of the weekend!!
xoxo Rachel 

1 comment:

LS said...

Looks like you guys all had a lot of fun! I'm glad that you and your DH got to have a romantic date too!


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