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24 November, 2010

Temptation For you, Trip for Us family!!

Some of my girls say that I am teasing them w/ my Chanel new tote. Here are some more teases for you! ^^
Chanel 11' Cruise collection CC brooch (pearls and floral applique)

I said, if I were in Pairs, I'd get a Cartier ring and I did.
Here I am in Italy, I bought myself a Bvlgari ring!!
Thanks, darling~~


Driving in Italy is a challenge and I don't recommend it at all. None of the people would suggest you neither. However, in between Firenze and Pisa, Lucca, Genova, it is not that far for you to be lost so badly!!

Ah~~ before we head to Pisa, I snapped this for my friend. The last one, the very classic one indeed!!
Classic jumbo in silver shiny HW jumbo!!

we saw this mini SUV which we have yet seen it in USA!!

Pisa Tower~~ Yeah~~~

A View from very top of the Pisa Tower. (It is about 270 steps which is so much easier to climb than we did in Duomo in Firenze. Kids are not allowed to climb in Pisa tower though.)


Some artists/experts are doing renovation for tower.

Kids found themselves a playground/monkey bar.

As you wish, modeling shots of Chanel 10A marron tote w/ distressed silver hardware and Chanel 11' Cruise collection CC brooch!!

ON me:
"peace" sign tee, All Saints leather brocade jacket, Kapital blazer, Boss gray scarf, Preen leather pants, "mock Miu Miu"(means a replica :P) studded bow flat, Chanel 10' limited edition Marron tote, Chanel 11' cruise pearl n' floral applique brooch. 


By the way, I'd suggest a printed map and I-pad navigation are two must things to guild you driving in Italy. You definitely get lost if you don't have either one.....TRUST ME!!

After Pisa, we stopped by a small town, Lucca! 

Finally we are in Lucca. A pretty small town.

Gotta run... today, Venezia!!
Thanks for reading all the way here. Hope you enjoyed as well.^O^

xoxo Rachel


ceci said...

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! I saw the brooch from the Chanel holiday e-mail yesterday! It's so pretty & great price for a brooch with fresh water pearls! You lucky gal! Wow, the tote is really big when looking from the side. I assume it's bigger than the classic executive tote then! I agree to buy somethings special from the trip, so you'll remember happy memories from that particular trip whenever you wear the special piece.

You all seems running from one town to another in SPEED! I agree that seeing the world in person is great for all ages! Kids will remember, not all details, but they will remember their encounter with new people & new culture! I still remember all my annual trips I went with my parents since I was little. I'm glad my parents love to travel around. Oh...I'm curious, do you guys plan where to go each day & staying how long at each spot? Or just go wherever, whenever?

Enjoy the rest of your trip~ I can see your happiness from the photos! Cheers!

LS said...

Thanks for all the pics! Makes me feel like I'm on the trip with you guys haha.
The Bvlgari ring is beautiful as well as the Chanel Brooch.

Glad that you're enjoying your trip! Looking forward to more pics!


janettaylor said...

Amazing brooch from Chanel!


litlstrawberry said...

hey, ceci:
I love the Valentino + Gap collection. They seem are very fine quality in pictures. I will try my best to find out where in Milano the GAP store is!! ^^

The tote is definitely bigger/larger in any way than executive tote. It is more fun look than executive tote as well. The brooch's pearls look so much nicer than glass beads pearls which Chanel normally use in costume jewelry and I am glad it is LOVE at first sight for that brooch!! ^^ Yet another trophy "brooch" from Europe trip since my last trip in Paris!! ^O^

yes, we do travel in lightening speed when we also have 3 young kids tag alone..I will tell you more later about our plan... well, not really plan. But I do have couple tips that I think is awesome that I'd love to share.

Talk to you later... I am very very exhausted and sleepy. PLUS I have a dimple on my face now...hahaha..

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, girls, I think I am enjoy this trip every min. of it.. tired too...haha..


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