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08 November, 2010

Thanksgiving GIVEAWAY! ( Pretty jewellry and Plus size modern apparel)

This is a season for us to say Thanks to everyone. I'd give you my gratitude by giving you some fabulous gifts. 

1st "GIVEAWAY" ! 
A sweet fellow blogger, Laura and I team up for this GIVEAWAY that we'd offer her fabulous jewelry line - Lub Lub by LS. anything up to $45 value. How exciting!!

What's the rules? (It is a piece of cake to win this!)
1. Give me a photo link from the Internet in which you think the whole ensemble is the best leopard look! (It doesn't have to be you, could be anyone else....except for 5 of us here!! lol) 

2. Pick ONE or TWO from Laura's website for you, your little one, or your significant other half ... for the value up to $45.
We love her Aphrodite CollectionThe J'adore Paris Collection and Spring Blossom Collection so much that I can't wait to get my "wrist" wrapped w/ one of those pretty bead bracelet! 

another fabulous choice will be simply pick a single string of gorgeous Spring Blossom Necklace (value $45) 
Why? So we know what your GIVEAWAY prize will be!!

3. Leave a comment along w/ above STUFF in this post!

2nd GIVEAWAY sponsored by  "Fashion To Figure
Every woman deserves looking gorgeous and be happy about her body!!

A woman's full fashion company called "Fashion TO Figure" carries very trendy and fashionable clothes for plus size women at great fast fashion prices. Their collection is rather trendy and suitable not only for plus size women but also if you think their sizing accommodates, you are welcome to join this giveaway. Especially if you are pregnant, and are looking for a comfortable yet fashionable alternative wear till your baby's full term we also got you covered! Plus, they even have Plus size Jeans available!

Here are things they offered complimentarily for our fellow readers/bloggers. Please take a peek on their website! 

What's the rules? (This couldn't be easier!)
1. Leave comment on this post and become a follower.
2. Check out Fashion to figure website for your giveaway choice and let us know!

NOTE: Contest ends on Friday (5/12) EST 12 AM. 

1st giveaway can be shipped to either USA continents or Canada.(Laura and I will pick ONE winner!)
2nd giveaway can only be shipped within domestic US addresses(I will pick the winner).
If you joined both give-away contest, you will have an additional entry to win another personal gift from me. You know I am very generous and always pick the cutest baubles. ^O^ 
(You just have to wait till I am back from my London and Italy trip!!)


Good luck........and have fun!
xoxo Rachel 


~Decidedly Imperfect~ said...

I absolutely love this giveaway! I'd love to win the Fashion to Figure giveaway for my mom! She'd look so cute init all!

Callie said...

There is a cute leapard print outfit about 40% down this page:

I like the fireglass collection necklace and small bracelet.


litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Decidedly imperfect..
Absolutely, it seems not many people compete w/ this contest...maybe you will win your mom a small Christmas gift early... ^^

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Callie:
That whole outfit is very moderate trendy and should be very flattering in most people.

The fireglass collection is very interesting indeed!!

Thanks for your entry and good luck.

Claud said...

Hi Rachel- along time not visiting here. My studies consumed all of my time. I ahve totally track of you and your amazing style.

I'd love to enter the 1st giveaway and I'd love to be enter in the 2nd (even though it does not apply to me)...just to be entered in the 3rd one by you. Can I do this? LOL
Some chic leopard styles:wear by Carmen Kass, isn't she fearless and gorgeous?
Also like this(simple tres chic, a look i will def do):

Claud said...

Forgot to tell you which collection I like for the giveaway:My pick is The J'adore Paris Collection. Lovely :}

Claud said...

Oops...excuse my typos on the previuos entry. that shows how tired I'm....I meant to say.. I have totally lost track of you and your amazing style.

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Claudie:

Ah, I love all the ways the model dressed w/ leopard. I didn't really get anything fancy of leopard this year...guess it is always be around during winter in particular. ^^ The other leopard is simple and elegant, that is easier for everyone to pull off... cardigan w/ pants look.

I love J'adore Paris Collection for its symbolic Tour Eiffel ... very cute!!

Thanks for your entry and Laura and I will pick a winner by Friday.

erika said...

Hi fellow Cal Poly SLO grad! I am excited to enter this contest of yours!

This is my absolute favorite outfit using a leopard scarf. It looks so warm and cozy and adds the perfect touch of interest to a very simple outfit.

I love this Into the Wild necklace!
AND this J'adore Paris bracelet! SO CUTE!

I would also love to join the FASHION TO FIGURE CONTEST, I am already a follower! My best friend is 3 months pregnant and I would love to win something so I can give it to her! :)

I love these:!Janet/Dull+Satten+Ruffle+Blouse+with+Lace+Detail!Trac/Animal+Print+Ruffle+Sublimation+Dress!Trac/Sateen+Aztec+Tunic!Lee+M/Two-tone+Half+Moon+Ring!Lee+M/Panther+Cocktail+Ring

Thanks for hosting an awesome giveaway!
Check out my blog if you have time :)


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