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01 November, 2010

What A Halloween-- Modest Dress-up!!

Bobbie Brown newest edition gray eyeshadow w/ sparkles, Shu Uemura fake lashes, Bobbie Brown Apricot blush. 

No, I am not going to do the same "LOOK" as Black Swan/Gray Swan, it bores me already. ^O^

So, what am I? 
A giraffe, I guess, and a sexy female giraffe!!
I never really into Romper but since Renee gifted me that Vena Cava Romper.... I determine to work it into fall. :P

Niel had this Speed Racer costume for 3 years already.  He never even cares what he'd be for Halloween as long as he gets candies!  For that, I am grateful.  
As for Abby, she does care!  I made her Angel costume as both Angel (w/ a halo) and "newly-wed princess" (w/ a tiara) under different occasion such as school performance that Abby never says "NO."  Of course I'd add different accessories each year to make HER look fresh!
Ah, I'd tell ya this kiddo, Ilona, is a tough one. She is hard to please and perpetually angry if something gets in her way!!! 

Today, she is so reluctant to put on both her wing and "Bee antenna" so I insist adding some flowers on her head. Well, you just have to be "outsmart" her all the time!
Being the 3rd child is not easy in a family I assume!

Trick-or-treat at Cole Valley in SF city!
Here we come ~~ candies!!
Hum... I am waiting for this "pumpkin" turning into my "pumpkin ride"!! 

Love the costumes, love the color and love today's beautiful weather in SF city!

What are those two? Lady Gaga?
How do we Chinese call this crowd? 
People Mountain, People sea.....^O^(in Chinese pronunciation.)

Next year, I am going to carve myself one....big pumpkin!

This is the WINNER of today's costume... in my opinion! ^^ 
Love her thigh, go Super-Woman!!!


A Halloween Greeting from my friend, Ceci's family, from Canada!!
The lobster family... all hand-crafted costume by Ceci: Lobster (Jacob), Crab (Coco), Chief, and the waitress!! 


My Marni coat looks perfect on Abby!

Dinner time.....everyone pass out when we got too!!

Have a good rest on Monday.... (I mean for ME!)
xoxo Rachel 


L.T. said...

Looks like you had a fun time! loved all the costumes!

litlstrawberry said...

^^ everyone did a fun job for their costume...that's the reason we had a wonderful time EVERYWHERE!! ^^

Pearl Westwood said...

You make an awsome giraffe, I wish everyone in the UK made such an efforot for Halloween it looks so much fun!

susanh98 said...

lovely. i like all the costumes you all look great :)

janettaylor said...

Hehe! So cute!



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