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29 November, 2010

Fur, more Fur, and then Fur fun!!

When we are in London and Milan, it is the chillest day in our trip.... it is about 46 degree F.  When we were back in SF yesterday evening, we certainly feel much warmer. ^^

It is great to be HOME!! My friend said that the "home-sick" feeling would last us about 4 to 5 months until we want another VACATION to be away from home. lol. That's so true!!


Wilfred cami, Marni shearling coat, Fox fur vest, HM high waist skinny pants, J Crew military belt, Brown/beige leg-warmer wore as "arm-warmer", Chanel 10A brown tweed/fur tall boots, Chanel 10A Rouge/Orange reissue 226.


I am going to put up our Christmas tree this weekend!!
Where is your Christmas tree?


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Wow R...I can't help notice the "cleavage"..hahahahha! Did you do sth? LOL! You don't look like just coming back from a long trip at all.....! Kudos to you! How about your kids? Are they coping well after the long holidays?

Anyway, wanna ask you...what size did you get for your Valentino x GAP jacket? Are the sleeves very fitted or just right? Are the sizes are pretty true to size and no need to size up? Please advise.

Are you getting anything from the US sale? Or done already?! LOL!

Oh....wanna share my good news! My 2 special orders for Birkin are finally ready!!!! Just got an email from Paris! Sooooo excited! :D Yay!

Have a nice week ahead and happy Xmas tree decorating! Do share some pix of your tree.


litlstrawberry said...

haha, Mia, no, only because the TOP is very TIGHT...and a new set of sexy bras pushed them up. ^^ Oh, and CREAM,... CREAM..... to fight w/ cavity dragging down my boo. hahaha..
Thanks for noticing them and now I know it works. :P

I have been trying to call Isabel since she called 3 times yesterday and I can't even find a right time to call her back about the Jacket. It is a very "strange" jacket as you might want to size down your normal ones. I bought S but then realized that might be too "BIG" for Izy. As you see I can even layer my sweater underneath and not feeling bulking at all. That ruffle collar needs volume otherwise size down would be better. (I don't think I can give Izy hers as I would think it is a bit BIG for her shoulder frame in size S)

That being said you might want to try size M or even S instead of L if you normally wear 42. The length is not a problem but the shoulder. I can even wear size xs for the cropped/shrug style and I am sure your shoulder wouldn't be wider than mine. (FYI:I wore size 38 Chanel jacket for my shoulder)

That's awesome. Please let me know once you receive and post it. What are the color combination?

My Christmas tree? It will be the same as last year except I'd add ornaments every year here and there... nothing dramatic but more of a ambiance for getting ready for Christmas. Kids love the Christmas tree.

ceci said...

Welcome back! & yeah, me like Mia @.@ Wow wow! Sexy MAMA!

It seems like interesting sizing for the GAP. I have a XS jacket before & it fits just right. haha...or maybe the jacket will fit me LOL! =p

isabel said...

Hi Rachel,

Welcome home!! I called you to let you know that Marni has having pre-sale! I bought a necklace and another jacket/top....

Oh, don't worry about the jacket, I will make it work somehow, it's too pretty to pass up! Thx for getting it for me, I saw the picture of crowded gap you posted earlier, and I wasn't sure if you were able to get it for me. Thx again!

You must really like your marni jacket, I have seen you wore it many times this season...

litlstrawberry said... you all notice my boo...:P

Yeah, you know, bra is our best friend and of course, exercise and some cream would really help. Hope you all take care of your asset as well. hahahaha..

Oh, the Valentino for GAP outfit is really "eye-catching" as I have two SAs asked me about this outfit in NOrdi. today. That's all money worth it ha.... some vain. :P

I think I have some jet lag that I start feeling sleepy everyday after 4 PM... hopefully by this weekend i will not be feeling that anymore. I already went for Yoga and feel much better. Catch w/ you girls later.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Rachel, what a great look!!! As for the tree - I don't have one yet :p


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