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03 November, 2010

Sweet Encounter w/ Prabal Gurung!

Today we girls meet together at NM so I can personally convey my admire to the designer, Prabal Gurung! ^^
Yu, the designer: Prabal Gurung and Me! ....grr, my hair....

I couldn't remember exactly what I had said to him, except for the answer (SHOPBOP) I gave him when he asked me where did I get that black sheer cut-out shirt.

The black sheer top is from the designer s/s 2010!
Love those crisscross heels.... 

You know, I laid my eyes on the deep V neck black n' white dress... it is actually leather paved pebble-looking patchwork on a mesh. 
Sexy and gorgeous~~  

As you see, the length of the skirt at current trend is getting longer and longer. I am glad that I did't wear a mini skirt in front of my beloved designer. ^^

Anne Fontaine sleeveless w/ leopard cuff-link white shirt , Silver embroidery crochet, Agnes' b full skirt w/ asymmetrical cut (longer and triangle shaped in the center), Lanvin happy leopard sac, gray sheer felt socks, Chanel two tone pumps, Barton perreira cat eye sunglasses. 

Count down our trip to London~~
Where do you celebrate your Thanks-giving?
Have fun, no matter what!

xoxo Rachel 


susanh98 said...

wow how lucky of you to meet Prabal Gurung in person! I think you SHOULD get that black and white dress! is DIVINE! love it.

litlstrawberry said...

haha, Susan: thanks, I think I have to be a celebrity to earn enough money to splurge things like those EVERYDAY...haha..

Julia said...

he looked cool in that picture!

gosh, i wish i could give some my hair to you. i have too much and i normally just tie them up. you need some body on your hair, dear. puff it up or something...

litlstrawberry said...

haha,...thanks, Julia. Most of the time I am really happy about my hair but since yesterday I need WASH really looked flat there. However, I have to work-out in the evening, i simply let it BE... I know it sounds gross but oh, well, ... :P

You are lucky that you got lots of hair. ^^ But again, I think my hair is supposed to look very tamed as oppose to Yu (which has the thickest hair amongst us.)...very fluffy there, like a yummy mushroom. lol.

How is your day going so far?

LS said...

Oh my! I was just thinking about Prabal Gurung last night before I went to bed before I saw that he commented on Brad Goreski's picture on fb haha. I'm so envious that you got to meet with him!! And that deep V black and white dress is amazing! You have to get it and show us!!!
I'm very excited for your trip to London too !!


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