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02 November, 2010

Cable Knitting Part I !!

I am a texture snob, or Color snob that I rarely buy solid color or plain clothes.  I guess my life is simple enough that I'd love to stir things up a little bit. ^O^
I bought two exact skirts over the weekend.... for myself and I think my friend, Ann, is going to look great in it! ^^

I don't know what to wear w/ this same fabric made belt yet... I bought it because it is plain "cute"!! 

Love my Barton Perreira cat-eye sunglasses

DH and I went up to the SF city today! He can't believe that we went up to SF city 3  consecutive days whilst he used to forbid driving me there. ^^

I found this big loop sleeves cardigan at Haynes st. yesterday before taking my kids to do trick-or-treat. It is slightly big for my frame but I am liking its' big loop knits so much that I think I will be able to work it w/ my WINTER WHITE 2010 look on Thursday!! (if the weather coordinates!) 

Here is the link to my Winter White 2009 look! That look was inspired from Chanel 09' Runway!

Irene said that I look like a big bird w/ that "feather-like" sleeves...&^%$#*(&^^

Cute knit could cozy me up in England and Italy!

I will show you the whole outfit ....... later!

I have to do my monthly volunteer job - book reading at Niel's school on Tuesday!

No big bird looking tomorrow.. lol.
xoxo Rachel 


janettaylor said...

I love Ur new skirt and that sweater too...


litlstrawberry said...

thx. I am glad that I found that thrift sweater too!!

LS said...

I love the pattern and vibrant colours of those dresses! Can't wait to see your outfit post on them.
And your sexy giraffe look was amazing too! You were a very stylish giraffe =)

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Laura. ^^

I am going to email you regarding your sweet offer.


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