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04 November, 2010

No Military Green Military LOOK!

Simplicity is another phrase for looking-pretty!

This was taken by DH, before he left for work this morning! ....
Blurrrr..... that's his signature style...never knows how to focus on me through the lenses!! lol. 


I intentionally let the end trim of the belt hang over... (you can see the holes there.) 

My ODJ. 

1. Top:
Isabel Marant Pull over w/ shoulder patch
2. Bottom:
Herve Leger high-waisted slacks w/ elastic band at back
3. Accessory:
Y-3 wool black cap
purple/blue rabbit fur (gifted from Yu)
Max Co. wide leather belt w/ rosette applique 
Proenza Shouler PS1 clutch
4. Shoes:
Hermes Kelly riding boots

This is the funny ME.... I think that Y-3 hat is right on point!!! ^O^

Now, I want to show you what I really indulge myself w/ in cosmetics... lip gloss/stick. 
They are some trio and new-buys... 
I love the natural plump lip look by dabbing Chanel #131 "MIA" lip gloss. 

Then another quick fix of oily face or extra sun protection of SPF46 anytime from Chantecaille: loose power w/ brush.  
Also, another current fave. Le Metier De Beaute lip colour in BALI. (The one stands up.)

My today's looks is all about teasing my gals.... so they can get either Hermes Kelly boots or this Chanel brown/tweed 10A clog platform rabbit fur boots! ^O^
I am not calling names...but my gals, you know whom am I talking to!! ^O^

What's your indulging these days!!
I am going to do GIVEAWAY soon.... squeezing in before my take-off to London and Italy!

xoxo Rachel 


Mother of Style said...

That's a great idea to do military through silhouette as opposed to just by color. The turtleneck and boots are off the charts gorgeous! Your Chanel boots are wild!


Beautiful silhouette

James Michael White said...

LOVE the Chanel boots!

litlstrawberry said...

Thank you, Mother of style.
Ah, this trip we couldn't squeeze the time to enroute to Pairs... what a bummer!

You know, I never see my family member wear GREEN outfit while they are in the army... I guess it is because they are all in "air force" service so they dress BLUE instead. ^^

Have a great weekend.

litlstrawberry said...

Hello, Valentina: I am loving your blog so much. And thanks for stopping by my blog and the blandishments.

I bet you are an awesome fashion stylist!! ^^

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, James. I think I am bring those boots to Italy ... and keep finger crossed that it won't RAIN...

Are you going somewhere for Thanksgiving?


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