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04 November, 2010

20 MUST HAVE ITEMS in your wardrobe!!

1. LBD - little black dresses of all sorts in its variation. The length is your choice, the decor./embroidery/applique doesn't matter as long as keep it simple.

2. Body suit in any color: black or nude. Easy for layering. Wolford always have black available.

3. A silk or chiffon shirt. They are classic and especially this year 2010 A/W, you see it everywhere!

4. Cargo pants. Good butt/body hugging quality.

5. Your favorite jeans!

6. White shirt in any style. I have victoria style long white shirt dress, sleeveless, priest collar style shirt, formal white shirt,....  Whenever you become a no-brainer to dress black and white. Bill Cunningham says: Simplicity is a consistency that results itself.
This is what i said Priest-collard-look white shirt from Y-3! 

7. Your choice of "a-pair-of-high-heels-which-goes-w/-everything-in-your-wardrobe": MINE: Christian Louboutin Bianca in burgundy. ( I don't favor black. )

8. Some good quality/looking bags. From no-brand to high-brand, your choice!!  MY favorite bags: A brown distressed suede messenger bag from Hobo International, my Chanel flaps collection and my Gris T. Birkin.

9. NEW SET OF BRAs each year!! How can you look sexy if your bras are not doing a good job for you.  ^O^

10. Turtleneck"s".

11. Black mini skirt or pencil skirt or even full skirt whichever flatters you best skirt. Keep different length at least ONE in your wardrobe. 

12. Black coat, camel coat, burgundy coat, or a trench coat. ... if you can, collect them all. I mean "coat" so it must be made by heavier n' warm fabric!

13. A string of pearl necklace! 

14. Rainbow colors of tights/leggings/leg or arm-warmer as you wish.

15. A nice tailored blazer. Cotton, polyester, tribe, print,.... any kind. They are an instant style UP-DO!!

16. Oxford heels.

17. Mary Jane heels. 

18. Chanel tweed jacket. If you can, stock them UP.

19. Big knitting sweater or sweater cardigan ... You should even be able to find them from your granny's closet. They are THAT timeless!!

20. Leather.... jacket, skirt, pants, dress, .... have ONE that makes you look fierce or sexy. 

They are all my MUST-HAVE items and I do HAVE them in my wardrobe. I am writing down those w/ 100% true heart-felt necessities for you to look good anytime, any day, and every moment!!  

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janettaylor said...

U are right!



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