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10 November, 2010

Velvet Updates A Summer Look!

"Dress yourself up as the way of an onion!".... is a perfect solution for us living in North or South California! You can shed off your clothes any time, any layer and still look well put together. 

I am trying to update my summer floral layered skirt today and it is coincident that I decided to accessorize differently in velvet. I guess that luxury, heavy look of velvet is a great alternative to a cotton/satin/wool blazer and an instantly UPDATE-DO for a winter look!! 



My odj. 

1. Top:
Wilfred floral cami. 
Fabulous n' broke satin/cotton cardigan w/ belt
Max Co. textured leather jacket

2. Bottom:
Wilfred summer floral tired mini skirt

3. Accessory:
HM green knitting scarf
Golden chain/leather woven necklace wore as bracelet
crisscross brown tights
Chanel matte black reissue 226 

4. Shoes:
Alexander wang velvet combat boots


Ann Valeria Hash taupe oxford flats/Theory velvet blazer

(ps. I was only trying to pick up a loose thread from my tights here! ^O^)

I started packing and all I can think of bringing w/ me is knit sweater, knit hat, turtlenecks, tights/leggings and scarves for layering. But I will make sure I brought a big coat either my Emporium Armani tuxedo coat or Marc Jacobs beige Alpaca coat w/ me. 

Sorry about the short posts but I think photos should be fun and self-explantory enough for now

Have fun!
xoxo Rachel 

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