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02 November, 2010

Tartan+Checker ; Cape+Poncho!

  We all anticipate Lanvin x H&M collaboration could come sooner!!  It will be happening Nov. 20th. By then, I will be in Rome and not sure if I could find myself a H&M store there!

  I finished the school volunteer job by 10 AM and felt great about it since we had a good time w/ all the students in my son's class. Then after I got out of the classroom, I realized it is way too warm for me to keep this poncho on...anyhow, I had to shade it off! Inside the poncho is my beloved big knit sweater which I adore it very much. 

  As for tomorrow, I guess I won't be wearing my winter white outfit just yet... it is going to be 70 degree F.  I am going to show some arms and legs then!  ^^

I love pleated skirt and I think I have 5 pleated skirts in total. I bought this asymmetrical wide pleat one from Japan! (can't really see from the picture though.)

Those bubbly vintage beads looks very refreshing against mustard/gray poncho!

This brown lace-up wedge is so comfortable and versatile... $59 found at Loehmann's and couldn't be happier w/ it! ^O^

Chanel beige medium/large classic flap and Cathy's Balenciaga 10th Anniversary metallic black city exclusively for NM !

Let's talk about fur ~~~ ^^

This is what I should do~~~ 
Trade this Pole bear Burberry shearling coat ($2195) for ~~~
Chanel Grizzly bear brown and black tweed/rabbit fur tall boots. ($1695) 

I think I can live in the CAVE all by myself and hunt for living~! lol. 

  Have fun on Wednesday, you all deserve it!
xoxo Rachel 


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

R, you should totally get this pair of tweed Chanel boots! This pair was in fact the first thing that I wanted from the Chanel Fall/Winter 2010 collection. However, I won't be able to wear it coz of my big calves....LOL! So, please live this dream for me! Are you having 2nd thoughts for your Burberry shearling coat? I think you should just keep it AND buy this pair of Chanel boots and get the best out of both worlds! :D Have a pleasant trip to Italy.

Speaking of Lanvin x H&M, gosh, I would love to buy 5 to 6 pieces from that collection! But then, here we need to queue up in the middle of the night and probably spend the night on the street just to be able to buy something from this collection. Worth it or not? I think I'm too old for that queuing thing! LOL! I guess if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. Hope you score sth. in Rome! Good luck!


P.S. You should check out Valentino in Italy....:D

ceci said...

I wish the local H&M store will carry the Lanvin X H&M collection. But I really doubt. I may ask my mom in TO to line up for me LOL!

Here's the Canadian link to 21 close-up photos & with Cdn$ price attached. Only North America launch on Nov.20, the rest of the world is Nov. 23 I believe. =)

I think the tweed/fur boots rocks!

ceci said...'s the link from Canada DOSE:

litlstrawberry said...

Hum.... Mia: I'd love to keep both but I think DH would want to divorce me and find a LOT LESS metainence WIFE. lol.

Is it possible that you "work" on your legs and shade couple lb. so you can fit in the boots? I can tell you really like that boots (just by imagining you might pet the fur and have fun w/ the boots.)

I do't know if I can make the trip to HM..or I will just visit Lanvin shop itself for a real treat then. I love his heels and bags but not yet into those RTW.... not many parties to attend here in Cali. hehe... maybe you should get couple of their ruffles and print dress to have fun w/ them.

I will score sth. in Rome that's for sure but I promise that I won't buy as much .... I am pretty happy what I found here in USA already. aka.... no more money left for ROME> ....hahahahah..

You have a great day!!

litlstrawberry said...

hu...Ceci, it should be world wide collaboration or you might double check to see if your local HM does carry on 11/20.

Oh, you are another YES for the brown Chanel boots?!!
Today is Nordi. sale w/ double points.. (of course this boots won't go sale but get some extra points would be nice!!! )^^

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

R, that's really funny! I bet your DH knows already that you're a high maintenance wife with the high-end things you buy (unless you keep the prices a secret) and the fact that he's still with you means that he accepts your splurge! LOL! No worries then!

Nope, it's not possible to "work" on my legs and shed off a couple of pounds. My legs/calves size is an inborn thing. I have consulted the professionals before and they said the only thing I can do to shed off the "meat" in my calves is by liposuction. Even exercise won't help. It's the built. Actually, when I was at my thinnest, my calves are still big. I don't want any cosmetic surgeries on my body so I just let it be. And I think this is actually "good" for me coz imagine if my legs are as slim as yours, I would have bought a lot of boots back home (like this Chanel pair and some from Valentino, Chloe etc..)! So, in a way, I'm saving some money..LOL!

As for Lanvin, I only buy the shoes and bags for now as well. RTWs are mostly dresses which I don't wear...too bad. I'm only going to buy some tops from the H&M x Lanvin collection..maybe some costume jeweleries too.

If you want to visit the designer shops in Rome, go to the street just below the Spanish Steps named "Via dei Condotti". They are all there. You should also bring home some nice Italian balsamic vinegar, truffles and olive oil! :D

BTW, beware of pick pockets in Italy. They are everywhere.


P.S. Waving to Ceci!!! Miss chatting with you! My gmail chat is not working! Grrr!

litlstrawberry said...

NO, Mia, I don't want you to have any injection neither. we don't know what would happen after 10 years w/ the muscle being forced to shrink?/ (what's the term would be?)

I guess you are being practical in this boots then. I thought you'd buy something plain "collective" purpose for you. Well, cause' Pei would....for some of the clothes that didn't fit her AT all. :p

I don't keep my hope on HM/Lanvin at all since I am no where familiar w/ all .. not after 10 yrs. haven't been back. Hope you do score something you like, they are all precious... for the price especially!!!!!

have a good day.


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