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12 November, 2010

The Winner is ~~~

1. FashiontoFigure GiveAway goes to

~Decidedly Imperfect~: Please contact me and let me know which pre-selected products from FashiontoFigure you'd love to receive. 

I do hope your mom would love this little pre-Christmas gift!!

2. Lub Lub By LS of a gorgeous bracelet and necklace online shopping site GiveAway, hosted by Laura and me has decided to give away TWO bracelets to TWO winners of your choice.

Claud: You can pick one bracelet from J'adore Paris Collection!!
Laura and I think you have a very complete entry for this one. Thanks for sharing and their style is awesome inspiring!! ^^

Sjjin29: You can pick one bracelet from Hamsa Hand collection. 

You are the one picked exactly the same gray leopard (pants)outfit as what I had searched online.  And I am bias on this as I prefer Cheetah spots!! 

Please contact Laura at as she needs the measurement/size of your wrist. 

3. Last but not least, my personal giveaway goes to Erika. 

For your effort of searching that cute leopard scarf look and I do love that simple chic style a lot!! Obviously, you are a grad. from Cal Poly SLO? How can I not to favor you myself? ^O^

Now you will just have to wait till I am back and see what's your surprises is!!  (Not until 11/ 29) 

Thanks so much for all of your entries and we did our best for giving away as much as we can!!

My last minute grooming of my nails before our trip!  
I call it Backward-French-manicure as it probably lasts longer for moms who do their chores everyday! lol.

Got Manicure!?
xoxo Rachel 


janettaylor said...

OOoh, I love a lot!


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Goodness, I LOVE your nails, Rachel!!! Have a safe and fun trip! xo

Betsy C. said...

Rachel -- have a safe and fabulously fun trip with the family! I cannot wait to see your loot when you get back.

Claud said...

Thank you for hosting the giveaway. Have a fantastic trip. Loving your nails ^-^

Mona P said...

Have a fantastic trip! Looking forward to your next post!

erika said...

Thank you so much Rachel! I am looking forward to my personalized item from you! I know it will be simply fantastic.

I hope you are having a fabulous time in London :)


~Decidedly Imperfect~ said...

Yay! I'm so excited! I'll e-mail you shortly!


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