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11 November, 2010

Packing For London n' Rome n' Milano n' .....

The Giveaway ends today at 12:00 AM pacific time!

I can't seem to make my mind about whether should I pack this Chanel brown tweed tall boots or Miu Miu studded sandal w/ me for our upcoming Europe trip.  It is family leisure solely and I am not attending any fashion event after all. Besides, I can always find something there, can't I!! Wedge, sneakers and boots are probably more practical! 

^^ What'd you say?!! 

military green peace sign tee, Helmut Lang burgundy suede skinny pants, Marni pre-fall 10' cropped jacket, Chanel 10' tweed clog boots w/ rabbit fur 

et Vous grayish brown rabbit fur vest, Ralph Lauren silk blouse w/ ruffle scarf, brown w/ metallic sheen full skirt (gift from Mom), Chanel 10' tweed rabbit fur clog tall boots w/ leather tie

(I'd hope this et Vous grayish vest and full skirt metallic sheen would offset the TOO BROWN of a grizzle bear look.) ^^

How do I prepare my ensemble?
I sometimes doodle~~ (not so professional but intuitive enough for me to foresee the look!)

I can pair turtle necklace, white knit sweater.... n' a pair of Converse sneakers to complete this look!
(this look: PACK)

Chanel short-sleeve pull over, Chanel camellia black n' white vest, HM shoulder applique' cardigan, Falke leggings, black leg warmers, HM beret w/ beads, HM gloves w/ beads, Miu Miu studded sandal platform. 

White hat + Black turban: keep me warm : pack 

Helmut Lang leather/jersey biker jacket, floral felt fedora ; today only ^^

I probably can either pull UP or Down a little big of leg warmers.

w/ Louis Vuitton mini black monogram clutch 06' (I forgot the gloves n' beret upstairs!)

Wedge lace-up boots: Pack (Curtesy image of Balenciaga City) 

I am going to wear this whole ensemble ONBOARD to London!! ^^
Except for Hermes boots which I'd change to another tall boots for me to beat it up instead!

What else should I pack?
Money, credit card... lol.

What do you think?

xoxo Rachel 


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R!

Guess what? I doodle too when I think of my ensembles! :D

I don't know about your preference...coz I am thinking you're more after "beauty" than "comfort". :D For me, Europe trips are all about walking and enjoying the atmosphere/ambiance around (unless you have a formal dinner occasion or business meetings). I only bring flats to Europe. Flat long boots will be my choice and a pair of sneakers (if you want to add wedge that's fine as long as you can walk/run in them for the whole day). That's enough I think. Don't waste luggage space packing your heels because you will end up wearing them only for a few hours and can't walk in them. LOL! Besides, it's ITALY!!! THE LAND OF SHOES! Go buy your heels there! :D

Besides, it will mostly be cloudy and rainy in Italy and London. Maybe you should prepare a pair of rain boots instead.

Happy packing!


James Michael White said...

You have to bring those gorgeous boots with you. Have fun!

LS said...

so excited for your trip!!! hehe love how you prepare your outfits! btw, those drawings are pretty good!


litlstrawberry said...

I know, Mia, I probably won't wear my HEELS much or AT ALL. I definitely packed my COnverse, wedge lace-up and flat tall boots I bought in 2008 in pairs..(to beat it up further..haha.)

As for heels, maybe ONE pair. I know I am supposed to BUY shoes/something in Italy, but I try my best to make this trip as family vacation like our Paris trip. Buy something when I am sure I won't find them back in USA.

Hopefully we know our way around in Italy... gotta take a travel book w/ me too.

You have a good weekend, honey!!

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Mike, yes, heels or boots, I am torn... or maybe none. Find another thing in Italy instead. :P

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Laura, i will talk you later!

Pearl Westwood said...

Wow you got the Chanel boots, we didnt even get them in :-( they were one of my favourties from the collection.

Are you sure they are rabbit fur? As I thought the whole collection was meant to be faux fur, so that is interesting.

I would pack the boots and a pair of ballet flats just in case. It is extreamly cold here in the UK xx

susanh98 said...

have a great trip Rachel! All your outfits are so fashionable you will look so FAB in europe.
Have fun with the family :)
btw love your drawing is super cute

litlstrawberry said...

Hum.. Pearl, maybe I was wrong... maybe they are faux fur. However, it will be the best quality of faux fur as it is so soft and refined that I hardly believe it is faux though.

I would assume these fur/tweed boots is not practical in London when it is always foggy during winter? ^^ Will you buy it if you have those in London?

Yes, I definitely packed boots/... rain boots and sneakers w/ me.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Susan.

I'd say we are all set to go tomorrow and hopefully the weather is not too bad other than COLD... rain would spoil the good mood a little bit.... :P


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