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26 November, 2010

Milano - Valentino for GAP!!

DH wants to drive all the way to Milan but I insisted that we stick w/ our original plan --- EuroStar all the way and it takes less than 2 hours.

Here is a whole look w/ Missoni black collar!

Are you ready for this Christmas yet?

DH said that I am doing free advertising for Chanel... lol. 

Thanks to Ceci, my friend from Canada, who tells me this exciting collision of Valentino For GAP!! I also stopped by HM in Milan to check out Lanvin for HM collection. I saw they still have some leopard heels and dresses available in the store. 

PhotobucketIt is very big in Milan and packed w/ people!! I guess everyone is busy shopping for Christmas gifts already!


Jacket Euro 149; Cargo pants Euro 139 (or so)


I seldom try out a whole outfit look (Jacket + cargo pants) but I kind of liking this whole military green ruffle all over urban chic. 

Yes, shorts again!! My signature look in Italy! ^^ 
There is always history in Italy and there is always fashion involved in Milan! We are in front of Duomo which is the 3rd largest church in the world! 

Now I am going to zzzz...z..z...

We almost finished our Europe trip...


isabel said...

Hi Rachel,

I love the gap for valentino jacket!!! If it's not too much trouble and out of your way, maybe you could grab me one?? THx

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Me too! R! I love the valentino jacket! Can you help me grab one too if you happen to pass by the place again? LOL! Size 42 or 44 please if it's Italian sizing. :D Can pay you through Paypal and you can send the jacket to Kai in San Fran. :D Thanks thanks in advance! Mia

litlstrawberry said...

Ah, Mia, I am so sorry that I read your message after I was back in hotel. Besides, the size goes by xs, s/p, ... so I am not sure if size M or L would fit you perfectly.

I am very very sorry...that I wish I'd also be able to grab one for you... I know you will be (probably) the ONLY one wearing that V for GAP jacket in HK. ^O^

ceci said...

I'm GLAD you were able to score the beautiful Valentino+GAP collection! It's far more gorgeous & obviously you pull it well too! I KNOW you will love them! Congrats! I should have asked you to grab one for me haha! =p


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