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29 May, 2010

Packing Light (in the flight)~~ (Part I)

I just heard my friends' in Taipei said that it is getting HOT AND HUMID in Taiwan now. So I am going through my luggage again to kick out some more clothes which I wouldn't be needing them at all.

This is original my flying sure!


I still have time to rearrange my luggage and I will show you what did I pack w/ me. ^^

Stay Tuned!!
xoxo Rachel


susanh98 said...

Oh Rachel I leave Monday and I'm not close to be done packing!!! I love your outfit. Love love!! But I can't imagine wearing leggings in tpe much less in black I would die hehehe. I remember last year was sooooo HOT and humid yuck. Not looking forward to that weather.
Have a safe flight! Maybe I'll run into u if I c u I will yell very loudly ;p

Mother of Style said...

Have a safe trip!!

Betsy C. said...

Cute t-shirt print! Will you be traveling alone with all three? Or is DH going with you for part of the trip?

Humidity is tough on kids, I have to say. I hope you guys keep cool, stay indoors, and enjoy your time with lots of good eats and shopping.

Your new KronKron shoes reminds me very much of Japanese fashion, whatever that means. You do pull off the unique look and I hope you make lots of use of them in TPE. Are they comfy?

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Susan: I do hope we get to see each other in Taipei...I will shop for jill straut eyeshadows first. :)

yes, I know the weather is getting sultry and Cathy already warn me to bring the lightest clothes the possible....

You have a good flight too!!!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Mother of Style!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Betsy: did you see the sex and the city movie yet? It is really funny and I think (we) is much funnier than last one. A better story other than silly outfits!! :P

Yes, thanks, I will make the good use of the time in Taipei and in Indonesia.

This red one is not so comfortable...not like the other one in Wedge... Maybe I dance in it too hard at Straits cafe last night?? haha..

MadsaboutU said...

Have a fun trip Rachel! I must tell you, if Taipei weather is anything close to the one we had in the Philippines...very hot and humid, you will want to wear a bikini out, lol. I kept thinking of what else not to wear when I was in Asia instead of what to wear.


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