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26 May, 2010

Millitary Inspired... Not so GREEN-- Marine?!! (Part II)

As it came to military inspired look my brain rebelled-- I like to think outside the box---how about Marine!!!

When I was talking to my friend, Isabel, yesterday, she said that Gwyneth paltrow showcased the very same J Brand cropped jeans on her blog too!! (oh, it is more like a company w/ a very organized website! ^^) You guys should check it out and I am glad that Isabel shared it w/ me!!

How interesting is that I just post her picture couple days ago and I'd love to love the same thing as Gwyn. Their Goop girls picked J brand green cropped jeans instead. Their latest spring fashion features military inspired outfit as well and their ideas came from Balmain! It seems to me that Gwyn loves that brand a lot! ^^

Anyhow, Pei and I loved the distressed/coffee-stain/mud details along the stitches on this khaki jeans better!! And I am trying to enable Isabel to give it a try!! ^^

Zara gray stripes shirt, RUGBY white cropped military jacket, J brand jeans, Chole ankle wrap sandal, Marc Jacobs white aviator sunglasses, Chanel 08' Gray jumbo classic. 

A butt hugging jeans... and the fabric is so soft!!

Here are my two funky/funny/pretty/Marni-like new shoes from Kron by Kronkron!!

Their shoe size is pretty standard. Since they don't have half sizes, I go up a half size instead. (Mia, I hope you read it!!) :)

There are 6 colors in this (trim), pale coral, pale green, gray, blue, and yellowish beige!
There are not just polka dots, they are perforated polka dots!! :) 



You will have to wait for me showing the whole outfit!! ^O^

Photobucket there something wrong w/ this pair, need more stitches and glue...haha.... lol.

More details at heel...


amelie said...

Wow, those shoes are CUTE!!! Are they comfortable? Can't wait for you to show the whole outfit:XD

Michael St. James said...

Love the military inspired look and those shoes are stunning!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Love your jacket and those flat shoes especially! And well, I had no idea Gwyneth had a blog like that? It looks like fun!

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Ooh R! Congrats on receiving your Kron shoes on time! They are indeed beautiful!! Actually, out of the 4 pairs I ordered, one of them is the same wedge pair like yours...hehehe! The colors are indeed beautiful together! So, does the size fit you perfectly, or a bit loose? I remember you ordered 39 right?

I wanna see your whole ensemble! Those polka dot socks are so cute! I think I have similar polka dot socks so that's a great inspiration! Hehe!

BTW, I also saw your J brand from Intermix online. I think it's called "Houlihan"? Apparently, this "Houlihan" is super popular there...I like the style, but the fit won't work on my body..too bad. I think the color you bought is better than the green.

BTW, out of curiosity, why do you like Gwyneth Paltrow so much? :P


litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Amelie. Hope you get your dream Chanel cardigan. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Mike.
Nina got some interesting, chic bag recommendation.

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Julia, thank. It turns out that $90 white jacket is so "long-lasting" since last year I bought around summer!! :)

yes, Gwyn's blog is very informative in a life style but no so fashion-oriented in clothing. :P

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Mia: yes, I am glad they arrive on time so I can pack them w/ me.

However, there is on cardigan from Australia which probably won't make it to me next Tue.....well,...DH probably has to pack it for me then. :P

The shoes fits perfectly w/ size 39.

Hum..I always say "A woman looks to her best in 20s..but only the sophistication last them look best forever"!! A classic woman, I mean. Gwyn is that kind of woman and she doesn't seem to bring drama from film into her private life. And that's why I liked about her so much too. Besides, I think she comes from a well-educated/reputable family!!

litlstrawberry said...

oh, mia: I am not sure what style is my jeans..i am not a SA, and I don't really look for a style name all the time. :P I can check it out on intermix for you.

Hum.. this cropped jeans is very stretch and if you wear cropped pants, this might fits you just fine.


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