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The Green, But Not So Military!! (Part I)

None of my 4 ensembles inspired by military look but more of the GREEN I like... turquoise is another green, isn't it!! ^^ This green top/dress/tonic makes the whole look so earthy and sexy!!

NOTE: Chloe buckle flat and ankle wrap sandals are currently having a pre-sale in Barneys!! So what are you waiting for?! My SAs said that her customers almost ransack the whole stockroom of shoes. ^O^

Another fab shoes on sale is : Christian Louboutine Bianca dark red/burgundy $775 down to $465!! 

You can ask for Jennifer Hwu at SF Barney's.

Let's have some fun w/ self-styling ~~ the more (accessories) the merrier!!



Where is my lighting~~~~~~ ^^



CC California long vest coat, Daddy long leg floral print leggings, slate leggings underneath, Chole tan ankle wrap sandal, Erickson Beamon for Target clear bubble necklace, Proenza Shouler yellow PS1 clutch, fedora hat.


Look 3. 


Paul and Joe sister khaki shorts, Mango white off-shoulder sweater, brown scarf from Lilith.


Aren't these two strong colors looking lovely together!! 
I love pairing red + green.... any color variation. Old school? :P

Oh, are you gals going to watch the SEX n' the CITY 2 movie?
I know We are!!

Have some fun tomorrow. 
xoxo Rachel


janettaylor said…
I love all of your variations! :)

Mona P said…
You look great! By the way, I am totally behind but I didn't get to comment on one of your previous posts. You were wearing your Kate Spade jacket and HM skirt + those unusual heels. I think you totally rocked that look!

Are you excited to go to Taipei? I always have mixed feelings about going home. It is REALLY nice to go home, but if I am there more than 3 or 4 weeks I start feeling anxious and can't wait to get back.

Maybe you can do a post on efficient packing. I know I would appreciate that. I have to pack for my trip this summer and I just don't know how to fit everything in a limited amount of luggage. So, the question is how to be efficent and not deprive yourself at the same time :p
Hi R! OMG! You bought that Chloe wrap around flat sandals? Hehehehehe...I bought that too!!! Congrats!! Did you get it on sale?

Anyway, mine is a different style in tan/brown color with dark brown piping around the canvas, and mine is with a 3 inch heels...:P The color is the one at the very right of the picture in the website below, but the style I bought is the one in the middle:

I actually love your color, but I tried it on my foot, and it looks too white/pale on me, so this one that I bought with contrast colors is kind of in between the darker khaki green and your beige version. The khaki green one is nice as well...hehe! Maybe I should buy a pair of flat version like yours if it's on sale! LOL! For my pair, I bought it full price from Luisaviaroma...

Gosh, all these sales are making everybody crazy!! I managed to snatch 2 pairs of sale Givenchy and Miu Miu shoes from Hirshleifers. Now waiting for Nordies and Barney's to confirm if they can find my shoe wish list...LOL! So hard to order remotely from here!

BTW, I ordered the YSL Tributes Tortora color already..hehe! Full price but I'm happy. I also bought 2 pairs of YSL Tribtoo pumps! You should totally try Tribtoo pumps! It's soooo comfortable that you won't notice you're wearing high heels at all! I can see you rocking Tribtoo's...hehe!

I like the olive/military green and turquoise colors on you. Yes, turquoise is so refreshing during spring/summer. You can even do mint green which I love so much! :D

How's your packing going on for your Taipei trip? You're leaving on Jun 3rd right? Wish you and your family a nice trip and do some crazy shopping over there!

If you stop by HK, please let me know. I'll be leaving for Paris on June 6 as well, and I'll keep an eye for you for the white/black camellia jellies size 40 if I see any.

Chat soon!

litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Janet. You are a kind girl and always so sweet to me. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Yes, Mona, I can't wait to fly back home. I just started packing .. some tanks, some samples (moisturizers...) sort of things. Scratch my head hard, if get down to packing SHOES....hehe.. but I will get there this weekend!! I will manage to post my packing this weekend then. (hopefully). :P
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Mia: your Chloe looks just wonderful. I have too many pairs of heels so I choose this "tribes" look or military look over heels. But heels is always my first choice when picking up shoes. :)

BTW, I got my two pairs of Korn shoes....oh, man, they are so funky and fun!! I don't know what to wear w/ them but I will think of something I am sure!!

Yes, I got my Chloe on sale and as a matter of fact, except for the YSL and one of the Kron shoes, I am lucky enough to get rest of my shoes w/ a good deal. This is one of the advantages living in USA and can't complaint at all. I probably can't be this spoiled living in Asia. You are very lucky to be blessed too!!

Have fun shopping and enjoy your trip to Pairs!!

(Oh, please don't bother to find a pair of Chanel flip flop for me in Paris. I think I am very content to have one pair of rose flip flop already. Thanks, sweetheart!!!)
Hi R! Congrats on your Kron shoes! I just completed my Kron order yesterday....finally got 4 pairs in total and they shipped them out today! Yay! That's how I am when it comes to shoes being ordered online or overseas, the more the merrier to justify the shipping cost! Hahaha...Excuse!! So, tell me, how do you find the size 39 Kron shoes for you? Is it a perfect fit for you? I ordered all in size 40 so I don't know how they will fit want to know the fit in your case.

I can't wait to see you rock your Kron shoes! I'm sure you have something in your wardrobe to match these shoes! How about maxi dress for the wedge..a plain white color one, and then cropped black pants with some plaid or polkadot pattern top and vest it up for the red peeptoe? Or you can do a "sporty" feel for the red peeptoe one...haha! Well, you are good at experimenting so I'm sure you'll come up with something interesting.

Yes, US sales is the best! Better if you can go there to bug the SA....LOL! For me, I have to keep calling long distance in order to get my things done...:P

No problem about the Chanel jellies. I still need to find 4 pairs of different sizes for my friends! LOL! How hot can these be? :P

Anyway, enjoy packing! Chat soon!

amelie said…
wow - love that CL pump, but I know I won't be able to walk on it:XD And, I love your black legs warmer - it's a good find!!! It's so chic and practical:)

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