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10 May, 2010

Baby Pink + Baby Blue .... Seasonal selection!!!!

I dress up according to my mood particularly as I am quite impervious to the sudden weather change!!  That also explains why I am having a cold and cough now .... :P

I wouldn't say that my yesterday's buy of Proenza Shouler yellow clutch is impulsive since I longed for their cross-body messenger for quite some time already.  However, admittedly, I am also darn good at making excuses and DH has to view it as a defensible and acceptable behavior once a while!! ^O^ 

This yellow clutch is my first "yellow" bag and to make its debut impressive, I thought something fun and springy ensemble would do better than warm color palette .... We shall see it later!

Some of you already saw my video on FB about how to cook Chinese Beef Noodle soup and I said "Invest a good pot is worth an-hour-less standing in the kitchen"!! hahahah.... Here I found you a pair of want-to-cook-more Le Cruset pots!!
Don't you feel like sitting your new-born in it..... I am sure it is quite sturdy!! :P

Another pair of blue and pink......
(both pictures taken from SPUR magazine)

 Pinky-Peachy + Blue

Abby's ODJ. 

The peachy shirt and blue ruffle skirt is from Crew Cut (J Crew), and the skirt is sold-out on line.
I didn't pick that argyle patterned tights for her but it is impressive that she knows about the whole COLOR harmony. :) 

This is yet another pink + blue outfit = gorgeous!!
Top: Diesel, Rachel Roy bustier, HM shorts: picture taken from NYLON.

So I thought I can do light pink and light silver ensemble (... kind of a tint of blue hue in it)!!


1. Top: 
Sanctuary pink w/ mini ruffle tank
HM floral bustier 
HM lace cropped jacket
2. Bottom: 
IRO high waist front pleated pants
3. Accessory:
Sonia Rykiel pour HM striped tights 
Proenza Shouler (PS1) Yellow clutch 2010
4. Shoes:
Mission multi-colored espadrille 


I was trying to show that YELLOW stripes on my tights
and to echo my PS1 yellow clutch! haha...

Make good use of both your closet and wear the clothes you kept for more than a couple seasons as many times as you can and then .... ......
donate them!!

xoxo Rachel


Michael St. James said...

oooo...LOVE the PS1 clutch, especially in yellow!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Ohh do I love your pants!!! Amazing top and jacket also and I love all of them worn together too! And happy Belated Mothers' Day, Rachel!

litlstrawberry said...

haha..yes, Mike, I would love to get a yellow PS1 bag too.

dos3n said...

love the new clutch, such a pretty yellow. i am envious of your great finds at H&M, i wish i live closer to it.

litlstrawberry said...

THanks, Julia. I am surprised myself about the ensemble .. it is very "creative" indeed. hhaha..

Thanks, girl. I did have a good Mother's day@

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Catherine: I meant to POKE you on FB.... wanna know what are you up to these days!!

yes, that's my first YELLOW bag and I adore it very much. heeh.. I know, you live between san Jose and SF city and that's exactly where we lived in Redwood before...however, we had to move to closer to either one...SF or SJ..we decided SJ!!
Anyway, you can save a lot I guess by not living so close to HM, ZARA, Chanel, HERMes. right!!?

Abigail said...

Love the new bag! That "POP" of yellow is really something. Cute outfit, as usual! Haha... lace jacket and that top is a good combination.

LS said...

The new clutch looks amazing! Also, I love how u wore the Sonia Rykiel socks with your Missoni espadrilles! and of course, love love love your outfit as usual :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, LS, thanks. I just felt that I want to have a different look...a pair of shoe which is a total surprise!! :)

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Abby. I personally like that combi. of pink tank and the floral bustier a lot too. :)

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R! Love your yellow clutch....hehe! Reminds me of my new "sunshine" must know what it is. :P

Lovely mixture of florals, laces and stripes. Very refreshing combo.

Thanks for the eye candies!


susanh98 said...

omg i love that clutch such a nice summer color. Love the bustier very nice. Your daughter is so cute! She's going to be quite the fashionista just like her mommy!!! Is so fun to buy clothes for girls right? Even more fun to watch their style and how they choose what to wear.

Julia said...

love your new clutch, very chic. that mango yellow is a very yummy color. i wish i get one of those.

btw, your pic on my blog became a 'X'. weird..


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