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13 May, 2010

Throwing On Everything....yes, even Kimono!!!

This is my new GIVENCHY Tinhan hobo in black n' gold-toned studs!!! 
I don't really have a perfect outfit to pair it w/... since i am still drooling over my Proenza Shouler yellow PS1 clutch and carry it everywhere these past couple day.  But i thought Gray outfit and feminine skirt could add a fun element w/ GIVENCHY studs hobo in my outfit. 


w/ Betsy Johnson tutu skirt n' Proenza Shouler 09' runway heels.

My last year buy, Dior patent quilted booties......(w/o tutu)

Wouldn't you know it, the next day I am up to MAN's wear!!!


If not because I am sure that I bought them as a PAIR, I thought they were misplaced together......the polka dots and stripes are reversal colors from each other. 

I was digesting some fashion mag. and loves both simple elegant and casual chic styles, they are alternatives in our daily style. And if you are not bored of striped look, here are some more. They are uber chic!!! (picture credit to SPUR)


Love the shoes... (brown and black)


I especially love this look, the taupe/mocha crape/shrug and teal/turquoise mini skirt!...dont' I have something similar~~ ^O^






Kimono style was a conundrum to me.... as I am not a Japanese nor knowing much about the history of Kimono wear. I don't even remember who bought me this Kimono, either my DAD or my MIL. 
I once used it to cover up my bathing suit at the beach but nothing else. I certainly believe everyone would easily drawn by the beauty of Kimono for its silkiness, and the vivid print...but unless it is a festival, no one would really wear it on the street!!! :) Especially here, the conservative silicon valley!! :P 



1. Top:
two pinky tanks, one w/ Sakura print
Ivory scarf w/ gold crochet
silk Kimono w/ Temple and flower prints
2. Bottom:

coral Levis skinny low rise cropped jeans
3. Shoes: Mission espadrille 
4. Accessory: Elfi white turquoise w/ silver bead spike necklace

Today is a busy day for me and I definitely am in this whole ensemble doing chorses...... if you ever recognize me, I'd love to meet you!! ^O^ (But if you are too embarrassed to see me in Kimono in public, I understand!!) hahahahaha...  

Have a fun afternoon!!
xoxo Rachel



Mona P said...

Hey there! Honestly, I think you can totally pull off even the kimono look!

I love your Givenchy hobo, it looks great on you!

Have a great evening!

litlstrawberry said...

THanks, Mona. I think if I have chance to visit Japan again, I'd buy I can hang them up on our wall as a decor. :)

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hahahahaha R! Doing house chores in your Kimono? I'd love to see you in action! LOL!

Oh well, come to think of it, some Japanese ladies also do house chores in their traditional kimono (the more fitted type with ties around them), so I guess it's ok.

Anyway, I actually like the color of your kimono. It's a nice spring turquoise /aqua blue color.

And congrats on your new Givenchy studded Tinhan tote!! It's a chic bag. But I wonder if it's easy to use as the opening is so close to the armpit area? Do you just pull the side zipper down to get your things out? Anyway, you said you got it at a sale right? I just found out that my friend who works in LVMH can have a 40% off on Givenchy stuff coz Givenchy belongs to their group...grrrr! I should have waited before I paid for my Pandora bag!

BTW, I don't remember if I asked you about this. Do you mind telling me where you bought your YSL iridescent taupe tribute? Is it from Nordies or Saks?

Thanks again! Enjoy your new bag!


P.S I like your 1st outfit more with the tutu underneath.

MadsaboutU said...

LOVE how you pulled off the androgynous look! your little girl's outfits are so cute and hip as well.

The yellow clutch on previous post is TDF! what a stunning color.

susanh98 said...

wow nice new bag!!! You lucky girl!!! It must be nice and roomy and I really like your outfit with the tanks and the pants.
Have a nice weekend!!!

litlstrawberry said...

I know, Mia, now as long as I like something, I'd try my best to HOLD the thoughts of buying it right away.... if not, I'd just go for it. Like the YSL shoes, I'd buy it for full price but for the bag...they are over $1000 or even mine is $2000 so a "deal" is very important.LVMH has their net profit declined over I am not surprised that such huge discount for their other branding...Givenchy. Besides, they also broaden another line for Givenchy lovers..but middle class, will be lunched this October!! We shall see. :)

I got mine for 25% off w/o tax so which is not bad at all. The tax is almost 10% so let's just say that I got 35% off almost? haha.. I'd wish I bought the petroleum color though.

FYI, I bought my YSL at nordi.

Good luck and talk to you soon.

Have a nice weekend...

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Susan: yes, the Tinhan tote is great and is very convenient when reaching in for stuff...the zipper will slide down itself when you reach for stuff...which won't bother me. The handle around the shoulder is more comfortable than my Chanel rodeo drive which always cuts my shoulder w/ the silver chain..... well... I have not really carry my Givenchy...shall think of something to give her a official debut!! haha..

have a fun weekend!!! It is almost summer and gotta plan a lot of activities for family, don't you think?!!


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