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03 May, 2010

The Neon, the chrochet and about!!

The Neon, I never thought of pairing neon yellow w/ pink together until today. 

As you might notice already, I am BOLD enough to try out trends, play w/ styles, and MELLOW enough to keep my ensemble less provocative! :) 

Finally my ultimate search for a perfect pair of oxford flat has come to a good end. 

The French designer: Anne Valerie Hash.
The color is called terranova pink. In fact, the shoes look very "TAUPE" to my gals friends. I know, they are bias, they would do their best to associate any look-similar color w/ taupe!! ^O^

I don't think I need oxford shoes in 10 years...hah....

I met this lady, Soon, in the store while I picked up my shoes. She, at first, is reluctant/shy for me to take her picture....right...who am I???, not Sartorialist, and saying she is not young anymore. After a short chat, she told me that she is also a designer. As a matter of fact, she handpicks the fabric in NYC and draw the pattern of her own clothes afterward. The green hooded top and underneath purple knitting turtleneck is made by her own hand!!! Genius!! 

Her earlier response: I am not young anymore..... made me ponder while driving back home. Well,  life is sweeter if you look into everything in an artistic way!!!!! We all get old eventually, don't we!! :)
I asked my tailor to sew that crochet tube dress for me from some vintage fabric i bought. 


I love the contrast of satin green and cotton green details in the back of this hooded top. 

Her heels is one reason that I want to shoot her. 
Love her taste! 

Somehow I look very stiff in this one.

Today, I found a new Japanese Brand, Toga. I was actually checking out some clothes w/ lace, and petal decor. and then found this interesting design inspired by Ancient Roman Clothing... 
Toga pulla was a dark toga worn strictly in times of mourning.
The toga picta was a special all purple toga embroidered with gold thread worn by a Roman general during a triumphal parade. Julius Caesar later adopted it as part of his regular dress and the emperors followed suit by using this type during many state occasions. The picta was likely adapted from the aptly named toga purpura, an all-purple toga worn by the early kings. 





Those are the basic style!!

Look closer.... the white calf bangles look alike mini shin guards!!! ^O^


In general, I think I like toga picta inspired style better!!

Now I am sure my Givenchy New V tote will arrive next Monday....... patience is all I needed right now!! ^O^

Have a good evening!!
xoxo Rachel


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R! First of all, congrats on your upcoming Givenchy "Tinhan" (the office name) hobo!! I'm sure you are gonna rock it!

BTW, Toga is a hit in HK. We have it here. The "fishnet" cuffs are quite popular..hehe! You should buy something from Toga...suits your quirky style.

And your terranova pink brogues (I prefer calling them "brogues"..hehe! So "irish"..LOL!) are very nice. Anne Valerie Hash is another great French designer indeed...available here as well. :D She's good at mix-matching materials (eg. silk, jersey, organza) and making unfinished/assymetrical cuts. Her designs are very "3D'. :D You might want to read this article about her and her "contribution" to Haute Couture.

Love your crochet tube dress. Neon pink and yellow looks very nice together with that bit of black peek-a-boo effect. Next time, try neon yellow with cobalt blue. Another interesting combo! :D

Have a nice day!


janettaylor said...

Love those shoes!

Have a lovely Tuesday, darling! ♥

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Mia:
Yes, I think toga is quite popular in Korea, Japan and Hong Kong...I like their design, but not much of the price ..... well, who does!! haha..

I have read at somewhere else about all of her great design. She is a couturier who turns fabric into a secondhand contour creation.


She asks some boldname faces in fashion to contribute piece of their personal clothing to be repurposed into coutour. Interesting!!!!!

Thanks for the link and those pieces are so European style, you probably can see them everywhere in Paris then. Well, the things is ... I only want 1 or 2 of her signature pieces but not much into the whole style... too romantic I guess. heeh....

now I have to wait till I have something like cobalt blue to try. OH, blue and yellow are 後象,they are like counterpart to each other and that's why they go w/ each other.

Mona P said...

Guilty as charged - I am one of those silent readers. Sorry about this, just haven't had time to comment lately, but I've been reading all the posts and I am back now :)

You look fabulous as always, great pics from your trip! And I can't wait to see your Givenchy bag, I am really loving their bags this season.

susanh98 said...

nice pop of color!! and i like your shoes :) i'm so used to seeing you with heels is weird to see you wearing flat shoes. I hope you get your new bag soon it is so gorgeous.

Abigail said...

Hey girl! Sorry I haven't stopped in for a while! Interesting thought about being old... hahah. Check out this blog!
I don't think one ever gets too old to photograph. Some of those Toga dresses (the first one and the black one, for instance) are great, but some are a little much for me. Makes my eyes hurt, haha! Have a good rest of the week!

Abigail said...

Oh! You should check out Her designs are re-purposed and lots of fun. Tons of wedding-ish dresses, but also just tons of pretty!

litlstrawberry said...

hha...yes, I can't wait until Monday to get my Givenchy bag.

Oh, yes, Abby, the Toga line is way quirky w/ that kind of make-ups...but some of the clothes do look so romantic and pretty.

Hey, Mona: great to see you here.

ha, Susan, you are right. Whenever I wear flat, my friend think what happened to me that day since I don't look like I dressed-up even I think I DO!! hahah...


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