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28 May, 2010

Jewelry Trend for 2010!

The Accessories trend for these couple years are 3B's - Bigger, Bolder and Better. However, the classic and traditional look is still forever demanding in the influx of dramatic statement pieces from the current market. 

I found an article talked about accessory trend and would like to share w/ you all. (source:

My friend, Elfi, an active interior designer who is also an accessory designer. I recently custom ordered two pairs of earrings in order to pair two necklaces I bought earlier from her. You can always find chic and one-of-a-kind accessories w/ her and she follows closely w/ the hottest trend in Europe.You will never have to worry about wearing an outdated accessory in public. ^^

Austria jewelry designer: Elfi Altendorfer

You can click the icon above to know more about her and her beautiful pieces. She takes order directly from customers and charges way cheaper than buying from stores.  Have something in mind? You definitely should give her an email!!! ^^

Africa White turquoise spike necklace.

You have seen the necklace but I just had earrings done to complete the set!!

Those pretty Swarovski earrings are my new faves.


It is always a great idea to layer two similar necklaces for a more dramatic look!

I love the smoke/grayish/yellow crystals mixed w/ all kinds of purple crystals!!


 Did you see those 3 tiny beads at the bottom of that smoke/yellow tone round Swarovski crystals earrings? 
It takes her almost 3 hours for making 1 earrings like that intricate!! 

I think someone asked me about the nail polish I applied way back. Here it is: Suede (matte) in charcoal from O.P.I.

I am going to wear these to join our gals' movie night of Sex n' the City II tonight!! ^O^

Have some fun on Friday night!!
xoxo Rachel


Michael St. James said...

The African white turquoise spiked necklace is gorgeous!

susanh98 said...

Oh I love all the purple crystals very very pretty.
Can't wait to c u model it!


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