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22 May, 2010

The Gray, the Taupe and Melissa? Huh? :-P

I kept this pair of Karim Rashid collaborated w/ Melissa heels for the longest time ( 09' collection ) and I didn't plan to divulge the fact that I had them until now!! :P

First, too many shoes that I even forgot all about them.  Oh, yup, that's unusual to me as I always wear my newest purchases ASAP.  
Second, the velvet and pointed/slightly squared toe stopped me from wearing them! 

However, come to think about it, I adore my squared toe Alexander McQueen satin heels very much, don't I!!  Besides, I am loving looking fresh and different all the time, so to speak, then why not giving this Melissa heels a try!! ^O^

It is not Mellisa's trademark..."plastic" but "velvet"!!



Gold edges sunglasses, gold bottoms, and gold studs on Givenchy hobo!!



1. Top: 
  • HM shoulder patch tunic
  • kate Spade box shaped jacket
2. Bottom:
HM horizontal high-waisted skirt 
3. Accessory:
  • Elfi multi-colored Swarovski clustered necklace w/ heart
  • Chanel 08' cosmetic pins (only wear two of them)
  • Textured black sheer leggings
  • Cashmere blend knitting scarf bought at COTTON SHEEP*(572 Hayes St. San Francisco)
  • Givenchy Tinhad w/ studs hobo
4. Shoes: Karim Rashid collaborated w/ Melissa gray velvet heels

COTTON SHEEP: Pictures taken from Yelp
They have clothes for woman, man and children!!


Unexpected encounter ..
Do you know that 80% of our vegetables and fruits are pollinated by busy bees!!!!?
W/O them, we can't enjoy as much food as we do now. 
Therefore, if you can walk or bike, don't drive.... ... one of ways to help to fight the air pollution and to keep bees alive! :) 


Frozen yogurt is one of my kids and my favorite sweet treats!!

It is such a beautiful day and hope you enjoyed your Saturday!!

xoxo Rachel


janettaylor said...

WOW! I'm crazy for these shoes. So fantastic!

Mother of Style said...

Good on you for mixing it up!

Julia said...

your new givenchy bag looks very nice! great choice!!

the shoes look funky....only you could pull these off. ;)

LS said...

Those shoes look so fun and different! I adore your sunglasses and so glad to see that you received your Givenchy hobo and are putting it to good use!

litlstrawberry said...

hah..thanks, girls. I know this look of shoes is not to everyone's delight but I am happy to take the play w/ the styles. :)

knk said...

beautiful shoes, looks nice your blog is superb those kids are so cute, nice outfit everything in your is so cute

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Knk: thanks for stopping by and for your kind words!!

Abigail said...

The shoes are great! I am glad you went for it. Something about the toe kind of reminds me of Tibetan shoes!


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