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19 May, 2010

Simply Want to Share~~ The Cropped, the Prints, and the Wi-Fi!!

My friends flocked back to Taiwan one by one and sooner we will all be flying back as well. 

When they are around, we spent so much time together from Monday to Friday, that I don't have time to be on FB and do not even have time to do online shopping...... :P However, w/ their absent, I finally can chat more on FB and doing more online-shopping except I really miss the fun of trying things on first!!! lol.

I want my daughter (Abby) to quit doing finger-sucking so I encourage her to chew gum or sing songs instead.....then I start chewing the gum w/ her...haha.... 

My two after face-lift pieces: "cropped" jacket from Pierre Balmain  and "cropped" Max Mara Weekend pants. 
Shoes: Alexander McQueen square toe heels
Bag: Proenza Shouler yellow PS1 clutch

w/ alpaca Marc Jacob coat.


 This jump-suit (the charcoal color) looks really like lingerie-wear to me now..... :P 



1. Top: 
  • silk/polyester jumper
  • Rubbish pink tank
  • Stella McCartney nude degrading sequence tank 09'
  • asymmetrical cardigan w/ union jacket patten at back
2. Bottom Accessory:
  • Vivian Westwood floral patterned leggings
  • Givenchy Tinhan deep V hobo w/ studs
  • invisible orange socks w/ sequence elastic band
  • Shoes: YSL runway elastic heels 09'


The digital print dresses abound on the runway since Alexander McQueen's digital print dress from spring collection.


My ODJ. 

I started my shopping for going back to Taipei next month....


1. Top:
  • Michael Angel digital print shirt dress 2010
  • Trina Turk vest
  • Max n' Co. navy/purple velet shirt
2. Bottom: Hudson wide leg jeans
3. Accessory:
  • Givenchy Tinhan hobo 
  • Christian Louboutin purple velvet Mary-jane heels 
  • Silver/crystal necklace
No matter how tired I am, dishes and house-cleaning is an inevitable thing to do!! ......there, when we arrived home, it was already 9:30 PM, and I am doing the dishes while DH takes kids for bath!! 

We are trying this new Wi-Fi wireless memory disk and that's why Dh took a picture of me doing the dishes........ (funny) lol..

This is such a cool invention that the moment I got home w/ tons of picture I took a day, it already automatically uploads pictures to my computer.  It saves me the time of pulling out the card, and then looking for the memory disk which I forgot where did I put it (oh, I need gingo bioloba), and the time I wait for the uploading!!! 
So far, we love its performance.  

Great product,...not so cheap neither. $149.99 but I think it is worth the price. (I am not doing any advertisement here. ^O^)

Have a time-efficient day on Wednesday!!

xoxo Rachel


janettaylor said...

I really love your first look!
By the way I love online shopping too. :)

Haute World said...

I love the digital prints inspired by McQueen as well! Great look... those leggings are insane and I love the jacket!

Sirene said...

LOVE those YSL elastic heels and Westwood leggings! Tres chic <3

You've got to be the most stylish mother I've ever come across, love your blog <3

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Janet: thanks. :) I am glad I can get my "wanted-to-be-donated" clothes altered to work on me again!!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Haute world. I was wondering is there any country that you had not yet been there? :)

Oh, I think I am going to look for more of Vivian's leggings. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Sirene.
I hope your passion for designer/artist will be a great success in the near future!!!

dos3n said...

three thumbs up for all three outfits! the dishwashing pic does not go with the outfit but you look so cute with the big rubber gloves!

litlstrawberry said...

ha, Catherine: thank you.
How have you been?

Well, I hate to do dishes when that late and sometimes I would just leave them till next day. :P I don't know about you but I use dishwasher only when guests are over and just doing regular cycle for the sake of maintaining the proper function of dishwasher. :)

Abigail said...

Girl, those are some CRAZY tights! Love the pic of you doing dishes. :)


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