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10 May, 2010

Something NEW, Something OLD, Some grow WISER, and Some grow UP!!


Weekend is dedicated for family!! Hope you all had a fab. Mother's day!!

I said that I don't normally wear sweat pants or yoga pants and sneakers in public unless I was just stepping out of the gym. 

Why did I mention this?
Ah~~ On Saturday, we took kids to a playground and DH can't stop  nagging about my inappropriate ensemble.....
He goes: "why the blazer, why the boots....... you look like you are going to work!!" 

I answered: "I don't know that we end up taking kids to the playground. Besides, they are the ones playing in the playground NOT ME!! I will be sitting aside watching and occassionally I might jump in the sandbox or push them for the swing!  ^O^


Blue dress, Plastic Island boyfriend blazer, gold tone floral tights, Moschino cheap n' chic teal ruffle boots, Forever21 gray braided belt.

Then you know what happened on Sunday?!!! We went to SF city and did some shopping at Barney's for their last day purple GC event!! 

I wanted a Proenza Schouler bag in Yellow but since Barney's long sold out already, I bought the clutch instead. 

What about DH?

heh... then it is my turn to nag about how sluggish his outfit looks!! He wears white sneaker and a shrunk sweat pants that he had to pull it down a little bit so it won't look awkward on him. Then there is this wrinkled shirt he wore underneath a blazer he tried out at Barney's.... MAN~~ it is a total disaster!! He finally realized that his outfit doesn't quite go w/ the ENVIRONMENT......the high fashionable Barney!!! ^O^ He took off his slouchy shirt and tucked underneath the stroller...........hahahahhah..........that's really hilarious.  Anyway, he bought Woolrich slouchy blazer for himself. Something that he would look dapper in it!!

We thought it will rain hard in SF city...but it turns out the weather is quite sunny and bright!!!



Ta da~~ 
My Proenza Schouler Clutch 2010!!


A modeling picture w/ my new baby soon be followed!!!

Have a cozy Monday!
xoxo Rachel


janettaylor said...

OMG! Lucky U! Proenza clutch looks so stunning!

P.S. - ♥Please don't forget to join the leather keychains GIVEAWAY!♥ Good luck! ♥

Tala said...

i am obsessed with ALL of your outfits, just wanted to let you know :)

LS said...

Happy mother's day! I know exactly what you mean by what your DH said about your outfit about his outfit, my DBF is the same way...or well, was, until recently, his style started becoming more and more polished rather than t-shirt and sweat pants.
I loveeeeeee your white trench coat, the ruffles (I think?) on your shoulder are so cute!
Also, can't wait to see modelling pics of your new Proenza Schouler clutch!It's such a nice colour for the summer!


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