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Self-induldging..... Boyish Feminine or Girly Boyish w/ Chanel Camellia Flip Flop!!

Today, Isabel called....and she started the conversation like this ... "I picked up something for my mom from SAKs today. I didn't buy anything but I saw a gorgeous flip flop at Chanel boutique." "You are going back to Taipei, right?!! You should get it because it will be very nice wearing flip flop in such a sultry weather there." 
The 2010 Rose flip flop just out last week and I am sure it will run out quickly!!!

So, my gal friends are very very nice now. Whenever I said I am going to travel, they will think of something and make sure that I pack well!!! ^O^ Last trip, it is Maui, although I didn't bring a rainbow of bathing suit, Yu is so kind that she reminds me to pick a nice bathing suit to bring along!! haha..... Now it is Isabel who tries to persuade me to get that flip flop. Oh, she has one pair, white camellia, but I convince her that she should get the black camellia as well...after I tried them out today!! Effortless chic!! :P

Anyway, here are pictures I gathered for my missing days!! 

I was out of my mind wearing two layers of laces.

Then I even wear the lace blouse backward .... just to show the blue zipper lining in front and to matches my Marc Jacobs dress and leggings. :P

I adore that Betsy Johnson tutu skirt a lot..I remind myself to wear it till.... you think it is too OLD for me. :P

My new Anne Valerie Hash brogues.

This green tights reminds me of the movie: Avatar!!! :P 

Some nude dress, A common thread peasant blouse w/ string tied in the front, Ann Taylor Loft trench coat (on sale for $49.99), American Apparel zig zag green tights, URBN floral oxford, Lilith shopping bag!

Yesterday, I brought along 5 kids to SF zoo (Niel's school field trip and I thought it was easy for me to bring along my two other kids... I must out of my mind again) exhausted!!

I grinned cheerfully before I head out...... 

My ODJ. 


Original outfit in the morning..... w/ Nicolas kirkwood teal peeptoes. 

Chanel new rose flip flop!!


Going dinner w/ DH for Mother's Day tonight!!

Have a good day!!!

xoxo Rachel


qian said…
I like chanel flip flop so much. Try it tomorrow.
amelie said…
Oh - those camellia flip flaps are so cute, Love it:XD Have a great mother's day!!!
Hi R!

Congrats on your Chanel flip flops!! Haha, I just bought it too last week. :D We're twins! Did you see another new color which is like a taupish-gray (they officially call it "beige clair)? It's a nice neutral color too! Me planning to buy another pair in Paris..hehe! Too comfortable and only Euro190 in Paris before tax refund!! LOL!

Anyway, love your outfits as usual. You're ready for spring! Laces are so hot now! Can't wait to wear mine! :D

I'm now going out for mother's day lunch with all the mothers...haha! Mom, me, my mother in law and of course DH...:D We're having stone grilled japanese wagyu beef! Yummy yummy!

Happy Mother's Day!

litlstrawberry said…
You really should try the nude one. I never fell for any of their flip flop as 1) I am not a flip flop person. 2) never interested in plastic .. not even it is Chanel. 3) Never think flip flop would worth over $100.

Well well well... just like my new YSL tribute taupe sandals, it only catches my heart until now. The iridescent taupe leather is just gorgeous and I am glad I didn't get any before this@@. Then this Nude Chanel camellia is so adorable, I guess I still think camellia should be pink (rose or nude) to show its charm!!! Besides, even my feet tend to turn RED, this nude flip flop still looks pretty w/ my red feet. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Wow, Mia: what did you just say??? $190 Euro? You should buy me a pair, girl!!! The deal is awesome and the price I paid will be able to reward myself w/ 2 in Paris then. gees!!

ok. again, I like camellia, but the reason I bought that flip flop is because it is a very very pretty rose/pink/nude. I don't think I like any color that much.. not even taupe!! Camellia never comes taupe..hahah.. OK, convince me then after your Paris trip!!!

You have a great Mother's day too!! (Now I have to think about saying back w/ this kind of holiday...haha.. )
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Amelie: thank you. I left couple comments on your blog!
have a good weekend!!!
Julia said…
the pale rose flop look very yummy. i did not get them, because my feet get irritated with plastic shoes. i have a pair of flop that i only wear by the pool side and not walk around in them much.

happy mother's day!

Hey R, first of all, Happy Mother's Day!

Haha....the camellia flip flops in rose nude one is the pair I bought actually. The rose color is the only reason why I was attracted to the camellia flops the camellia in this blush pink is really beautiful. It makes my feet, which is already very "white", looks even more rosy white! LOL! Everybody knows I am a Chanel collector, and felt strange that I don't own any camellia flip flops. Well, exactly for the same reason, I don't like it in black or white or yellow or stuff like that. But for Euro190, if I can find it, I will be getting another taupe pair for myself and my mom when I am in Paris this June. Hey, if you really want another pair, let me know, ok ok? I can always send it to Taipei if you happen to be there...hehe! :D (BTW, the taupe pair gives a more "elegant chic" feel, while the rosy pink pair is a more "romantic cutesy" feel. :P)

Now, I have to say you are really a "bad influence" in terms of my wallet. LOL! I already own 2 pairs of YSL tributes, one in patent burgundy and one in the luggage calfskin leather. When the taupe iridescent color first came out a couple of months ago, I was really attracted to it, but told myself I don't need another pair. And then you kept on modeling yours with color palettes that I also wear a lot. Gosh, I think I'm convinced to get another pair coz this is a totally different color and leather from my current pairs!! :P

So, my next question is, may I know what is the official color name written on your YSL tribute box? Coz I was looking for it and got confused as to what is the color name, some said it's brown, some said it's "gray". Better if you can give the official color name on the box so I can communicate with my SA. Too bad HK doesn't carry this color, and even if they do, they don't have my large size. I have to order from somewhere else.

Anyway, I have probably talked too much! LOL! I'm just too happy that my maid has come back from vacation yesterday, and now I'm free (as my MIL won't be staying at home..hehe)! Yay!

Have a great weekend!

litlstrawberry said…
hi, Julia: too bad that you can't wear plastic..but I guess it is good thing on the other hand, you will have a peace of mind whenever the new color comes out, eh?

You too, will check out your blog, it has been a while too!!!
litlstrawberry said…
oh, Mia: the color code is Bufalo iridescent "TORTORA". Yes, tortora, who knows what does it means!! Anyway, the price is cheaper than the smooth leather but I'd prefer this treated leather somehow!!
Oh, for this taupe sandal, I'd say go for it.....I even ask Yu to return her black patent and get this one instead if she can find one pair of her size during sale. :)

Hum.. yes, the nude is going to make your feet yummy. ^O^ Even my lobster red feet looks good in that nude, so I can imagine how rosy your feet is going to be. hahahahah..

Oh, I have a question, does the taupe one opaque or translucent? You know what do I mean...if it is opaque, I'd say can you buy me one pair of size40?? Oh, when is your trip by the way, I am going to be in Taipei from 6/3 --- 6/30. Isabel is curious about the taupe color you mentioned!!!

Thanks a lot and please do let me know about the TAUPE and your trip schedule!! Million thanks.
Abigail said…
Why not indulge and wear several layers of lace?!? :) :) And what is that little hat you are wearing in the first pic!? I love it. (hats... I usually do.)
Hi R!

Thanks so much for letting me know the "Tortora" color name...haha! I really wonder what that means!! I'm totally sold to get it now...haha! (Well, even better if it's going to be on sale soon...:P) Now off with my search. Did you get it from Saks or Nordies BTW? Or YSL boutique?

Anyway, for the taupe/light grayish Chanel camellia flip flops, here's the closest picture that I can find from eBay. (Can you believe that eBay sellers are already selling this new color??!!! Grrrr!)

But the actual color of this "taupe" is a tad bit darker and a little more "beige" IRL, and it's "opaque" finish like our rose color. Not transparent. It's really a color in between gray and beige, no pinkish hues on it, come to think of it, "greige" is the more appropriate color name...LOL!

Ah, you can see this color from Kat's thread too. She bought this color in HK last month. Here you go (see posts#127, 131, and 134):

About my schedule, I'll be in Paris from June 7 to June 13 (arriving HK June 14). This time is a shopping trip together with a fellow tPFer...without the DHs! LOL! So, I'm "free" to buy anything...hahahaha! (Danger!!) If you're staying in Taipei till June 30, I can see how to arrange shipping the shoes to you in Taipei (provided Paris still has this color) if you really decide to get a size 40 of the taupish/greige color. (I'm a size 41 for GIGANTIC!!)

Anyway, do let me know. I'm now taking "orders" for my friends who are asking me to do some shopping for them in Paris...LOL!

litlstrawberry said…
Hey, Mia, thanks for the link as Kat email me to FB as well showing her fab. taupishgrayish Chanel flip flop..haha.

Oh, please please do order me a pair of that grayishTaupy and I should send you money through paypal (I hope you have paypal too). I will be in Taiepi while you are back in Hong Kong and hopefully I can even stop by Hong Kong to visit you w/ DH alone!! haha..

Oh, million thanks and heading out to SF city w/ kids!!!!

litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Abby: I know you must like a hat like mine...(it is a vintage piece and I restore the veil of it) I saw your pretty picture w/ that kind of hat and I am very fond of those kind of elegant!! Even though DH always wants me to take it off...he said, you are not a royal family member and you are not from 60s or 80s, please don't go out w/ that hat!! hahahah. OK... so I can't wear that hat w/ him around!!!

Where do you normally buy your hat?? Any good place you can recommend? For me, it really is a style and always feel so romantic in that hats. :)
Hi R!

Haha...I'm so glad to "enable"! LOL!

No problem at all. As long as I can find the taupe-grayish color in Paris, I'll help you buy a pair in your size 40.

You can paypal me no problem, but are you aware that paypal will charge you around 3.4% of the money that you're going to send? Just be aware of that. If you are visiting HK, then you can pay me in person too! Haha..hope to see you in HK in June! Try to squeeze in some time to do some eating and shopping here! Our treat!

Enjoy San Francisco!

litlstrawberry said…
hi, Mia: that I am aware of ... but I was thinking even w/ 3.4% more, it is still cheaper than USA so i am not too concerned about the extra charge. But like you said, if we can squeeze a trip to Hong Kong w/o kids, I can pay you in person. One thing is I really can't tell it is taupe but more of a gray into it...that eSeller didn't do such of a good job in photos though.... well.... one thing, do you think "fee" will look "dirty" w/ that grayish color especially my feet tend to be RED.... RED.. :P hum....... hum...

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